2018 Podcast Archive - PodMed

PodMed TT – Friday, January 18, 2019

This week’s topics include treatment of multiple sclerosis , malaria treatment , overprescription of antibiotics and fecal transplant for ulcerative colitis.

0:43 Overprescribing of antibiotics
1:45 13 percent appropriately prescribed
2:45 Antibiotic stewardship
3:32 Malaria treatment
4:30 Tafenoquine about 67 percent effective
5:30 Fecal transplant for ulcerative colitis
6:30 Primary outcome achieved in about a third
7:33 Better identify patients who would benefit
8:26 Treatments for multiple sclerosis
9:26 Stem cell therapy
10:30 From experienced centers
11:31 End


PodMed TT – Friday, January 11, 2019

This week’s topics include paying people to take heart medicines , resecting the esophagus , economic impact of cardiovascular events and medical advertising.

0:41 Economic impact of cardiovascular events
1:43 Has societal consequences
2:45 Economic burden on people with cancer
3:40 Incentivizing people to take heart medicines
4:40 Gave half a copay voucher
5:42 Cost wasn’t the entire issue
6:05 Esophagus resection
7:02 Lower incidence of complications with less invasive procedure
8:02 Didn’t compromise survival
8:36 Medical advertising
9:35 $2.1 billion to $9.6 billion increase
10:36 This is a trust issue with patients
11:29 End


PodMed TT – Friday, January 04, 2019

This week’s topics include incentivizing healthy behaviors , bundling hip and knee replacements , the cost of a new cholesterol med , and compliance with cancer screening and mortality.

0:48 Incentivizing healthy behaviors
1:48 May provide money to lower premiums
2:46 Patients didn’t understand well
3:36 Adherence to cancer screening and mortality
4:35 Mortality among nonadherents
5:32 Nonadherence identifies them at higher risk
6:35 In observational studies we pick healthier people
7:21 Antibody for cholesterol lowering PCSK9 inhibitor
8:21 Are they cost effective?
9:22 Price has to drop to $1,100 per year
10:00 Bundled knee and hip replacements and impact on cost
11:00 Didn’t discharge to post-procedure care facilities
12:00 Didn’t measure patient factors
13:23 End