Billing Compliance

Our Billing Compliance program assesses the effectiveness and quality of the clinical practices to verify compliance with coding and billing standards in accordance with private payer, state and federal billing standards by conducting monitoring and auditing activities. We operate with the understanding that TTUHSC El Paso faculty and staff want to provide quality health care that is accurately documented and billed. Billing Compliance will promote a collaborative and supportive environment between and among ourselves and the clinical departments we assist.

The Billing Compliance goal is to maintain an active program of monitoring and reporting improper health care billing claims by TTUHSC El Paso. Our program does this by using problem solving skills to provide options and alternatives to support proper billing and providing accurate, concise and current information and advice to TTUHSC El Paso clinical departments.

If you have any questions and would like additional  information on Billing Compliance, you may contact the Billing Compliance director and/or staff.

Gail Hayden
Director of Billing Compliance

Ronnie Gutierrez
Senior Analyst