Inventory Certification

The FSM team is pleased to announce that departments may start their scanning as of Feb. 13, 2018. Please keep in mind that departments will not be able to transfer or surplus any equipment until annual certification has been finalized.

Important things to keep in mind during the certification process:

  • All serial numbers and locations need to be updated in the Property Inventory System.
  • All equipment must be scanned.
  • If a piece of equipment is missing or has been reported missing within the past two annual certification cycles, you still need to submit a missing item report.
  • Departments will need to reserve a scanner by sending an email to Make sure to let us know the users that need to be set up in the scanner and how long will you need the scanner.
    Note: You can check out a scanner as many times as needed.
  • Property inventory certification deadline is April 30.

Fixed Assets

New Equipment Purchased

Property custodians and delegates: For all new equipment that has been issued a tag, please update in the property inventory system with the serial number and location within three business days of receiving the tag. Tags are sent out the next business day after the invoice has been paid.

Note: Once the serial number has been entered, it can no longer be changed/updated by the user. You will need to send an email to providing documentation and a picture reflecting the new serial number for FSM to make the change.

Inter-Agency Transfers

For assets that have been transferred to other institutions, please notify Property Management as soon as possible. This way Property Management can take the proper steps to adequately transition the asset to the other institution/agency. Please notify us at with the asset number and the contact person receiving the equipment, in case we need additional information.

Warranty Replacements

For assets that have been swapped or replaced due to malfunctioning or in need of repair, please notify FSM accordingly, as documentation will be needed for the replaced item. Once we have the proper documentation, we will then change the serial number of the replacement computer.

Updates to the Property Management Inventory System

The Property Management system has been upgraded and provides the following features:

  • The ability to attach a Temporary Use Form to corresponding assets. All Temporary Use Forms must still be sent to and
  • A “Notes” column has been added to reports to help custodians/delegates to identify and locate assets.
  • Each asset now has its remaining useful life information. Note: You will need to hover over “Asset Type” to view the useful life of the asset. (only available for CE and VI assets)
  • When searching for assets, the default has been changed from “Exact Match” to “Contains.”
  • Transfer of assets from multiple organizations is now possible, so long as the destination is the same for all of the assets.
  • The “Serial Number” field only allows the user to initially input the information. Once the original information is entered, changes can only be made by sending a request to Property Management. Note: You will need to send documentation and a picture of the new serial number for FSM to make the change.
  • Lost or stolen items are now highlighted in yellow, and assets missing for two inventory cycles are highlighted in green.
  • Both “Searched Results” and “Transfers” can now be exported to Excel.
  • Org custodians and delegates will receive reminder emails for inventory transfers that have not yet been accepted by the receiving department.
  • FSM now has the ability to accept or reject inventory certifications during the inventory cycle.