Aug 2015

Finance Systems Management (FSM) El Paso is excited to announce three new changes to our FSM El Paso department. First, we would like to introduce our newest member, Christina Delgado. She will be assisting with asset accounting activities as we finalize our accounting transition from Lubbock to El Paso. Secondly, FSM El Paso will begin to support Banner System setup and changes locally as well as property inventory system setup and changes. This will allow us to make changes to funds, custodians, setup our local approval routing queues, and many other activities without requesting these services from Lubbock. Lastly, effective September 1, 2015, the departmental custodians will be responsible for tagging their own equipment. This activity will no longer be performed by Property Management.

July 2015

Finance Systems Management (FSM) is in the process of revising HSC EP OP 63.10, Property Management along with the associated forms to provide additional detail as to the flow of and responsibilities for property inventory. We hope to have these changes rolled out in next month’s newsletter with an effective date of Sept 1, 2015.

FSM Lubbock is working on finalizing changes to the new FOP system. This system will allow departments to submit requests for changes of fund manager or organization manager online that will be routed to the appropriate individuals for approval. Search capabilities will be available to provide updates on status and details of changes being requested. Links to the system as well as training documentation will be posted on the FSM El Paso website as soon as they become available.

May 2015

FSM El Paso is in the process of working with FSM Lubbock on transitioning asset accounting and administration/support of finance systems. FSM is currently assisting with development of the new Business Affairs portal, to be rolled out in the near future, and update of the Business Affairs website.  Any questions or concerns related to Finance Systems Management should be directed to the El Paso staff at