All returns should be coordinated with the vendor prior to bringing your item(s) down for shipping. Proper paperwork must accompany all return shipments.

For vendor specific return policies and procedures, contact the vendor. Staples and Dell return procedures are described below.

Most vendors will provide a return authorization number to include in your return shipment. This is a reference number and not a shipping number. Most returns must be shipped back to the vendor at your own expense. Your return item(s) may be shipped in Copy/Mail BA109 by USPS mail or by completing a shipping form. Shipping Forms are also available in Copy/Mail BA109.

The department is responsible for notifying Purchasing and Accounts Payable regarding any item(s) purchased through the TechBuy system. For assistance with TechBuy, please contact Purchasing at (915) 743-7841.

Staples Returns

  • Login to TechBuy and select the Staples punchout.
  • Select "Order Management" on the upper right-hand side of the Staples site.
  • Select "Returns" then select the order number from your packing slip.
  • Complete the required fields.
  • Print three copies of the return confirmation page.
    • 1 copy goes in the box being returned.
    • 1 copy goes on the outside of the box being returned.
    • 1 copy is for your records.
  • Bring your item(s) to Copy/Mail BA109 for shipping carrier pickup.

For more information contact the local representative at (806) 773-6672, or Staples Customer Service at (800)527-3068.

Dell Returns

  • Contact Dell Customer Service at (800) 624-9897 or within 21 days of the invoice date.
  • Obtain a Credit Authorization Number (CRA) from Dell Customer Service.
  • Item(s) cannot be returned without a CRA number.
  • CRA is not a shipping number.
  • Ship the item(s) to Dell within five days of receiving the CRA number at your expense.
  • Ship the return item(s) in Copy/Mail BA109 or by completing a shipping form.