Reference Material


Effort Reporting

  • All Roles
    • ecrt Basics FAQ  - Guide for Certifiers and PI’s to Certify My Own Effort and for PI’s to Certify My Researcher Group Effort.
    • Effort Reporting FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions about Effort Reporting Basics.
    • ecrt Reports By Role - Descriptions of each ecrt Report by Role.
    • Effort Reporting Basics - (Captivate Video) Effort 101 training presentation for all individuals who will access ecrt.
  • Certifiers
  • PI
  • Effort Coordinators
  • Central Administrators
    • Central Administrator Overview - (Captivate Video) Training for the central administrator to review and monitor the certification process at an institutional level.
    • TEAM  Application – (Captivate Video) Demonstrates how the central  administrator will add a new primary effort Coordinator for ecrt through the TEAM Application.
    • Banner Queries – (Captivate Video) Demonstrates how to run queries in Banner to assist the central administrator with the daily system assurance process in ecrt.
  • Reporting
    • Reporting Role Overview - (Captivate Video) Training to provide an overview for a user with reporting access (dean level) to run reports and monitor departments for which they are associated.