Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing Spring 2017 Payment Information

Payment Options

  1. 100% Due 01/04/2017
  2. 50% Due 01/04/2017
    25% Due 02/08/2017
    25% Due 03/22/2017

Students who elect option #2 will be assessed a $25 billing fee. This should be paid with your first installment due on 01/04/2017.

All TTUHSC El Paso students will be required to complete a Student Payment Agreement. This payment agreement will remain in effect as long as you are a student at TTUHSC El Paso. Failure to pay by the established due date and/or complete the Student Payment Agreement will result in the cancellation of your enrollment.  Cancellation will occur on 02/13/2017.

Students registering after preregistration or those making changes to their billing after the initial billing has been emailed need to check their balances online via the WebRaider Portal. All billing notifications will be delivered via the TTUHSC El Paso assigned e-mail address.  

Payment due dates are the same for all School of Nursing students regardless of their registration date. Late payment charges will be applied to all accounts that have not met minimum payment requirements as of 01/04/2017. If a student registers after the initial due date of 01/04/2017, s/he has two business days to make payment before any late penalties are assessed. Late payment fees are $50 per occurrence.

Financial Aid

Financial aid will apply to accounts beginning on 01/08/2017. Financial aid will be applied towards any outstanding tuition and fee balances. Late payment charges will not be applied to any accounts until after the first financial aid disbursement on 01/08/2017.