Contract Templates

The complexity and range of services in which TTUHSC is involved make it quite difficult to make available a template for all contracting situations.

The Contracting Office, with occasional guidance from the Office of General Counsel, intends to provide the Contract Manager with sufficient information to draft certain types of frequently used contracts that include standard provisions which are published in the Contracting Manual and which have proven to be acceptable to TTUHSC and to other parties.

Please contact the Contracting Office to discuss any new contracting situation that is not appropriately anticipated by one of the templates below or by one of the standard provisions.

The links below lead to downloadable Word files. Some files contain areas of text that appear "highlighted", either by color, or by italicized text, or by brackets around text. The purpose of these "highlighted" areas is to call attention to text that should be edited. Edit those "highlighted" areas carefully.

Print a draft hard copy for proofreading and marking up. Re-edit the file while comparing it to the draft hard copy that was proofread and marked up. Then, before printing hard copy original sets for routing under a blue contract routing sheet, remove any remaining "highlighting" color, italicization, or brackets from your finalized draft Word file.

Business Associate Agreements