Malpractice and Professional Liability Insurance

For School of Medicine only.

As a public institution of higher education in the State of Texas, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center provides insurance through its Texas Tech University System Medical Liability Self-insurance Plan for TTUHSC employed physicians, dentists, residents, and medical students.

You are encouraged to use the provision above for contracts involving employed faculty physicians, resident physicians, and medical students. The limits of liability (in dollar terms) under the self-insurance plan can change, so it is recommended that they not be listed. If for some reason the other party insists on having the limitations specified in the contract, add as applicable:

The limits of liability are as follows unless lower liability limits are set by law, in which case the lower limits set by law shall apply: for physicians and dentists, $400,000 per occurrence and $1,200,000 annual aggregate, for residents $100,000 per occurrence and $300,000 annual aggregate, and for students, $25,000 per occurrence and $75,000 annual aggregate..