Terminating a Contract

Termination notices are written to end the contractual relationship between parties prior to the end of the term specified in the contract.

In the case where the other party has given written notice to TTUHSC:

That original written notice should be forwarded to the Contracting Office along with the responsible Contract Manager's written response to that written notice*.

In the case where TTUHSC will be giving notice:

The responsible Contract Manager may draft and deliver written notice to the other party or parties*, with a "cc" to the Contracting Office.

TTUHSC's written termination notice (1) should identify the contract specifically and unambiguously, preferably by citing its contract tracking number; and (2) should cite the relevant termination provision contained in the contract; and (3) should be written in brief but cordial and respectful business-like style.

For example, if an agreement specifically cited the professional services of Juan Wacky, M.D., and had been titled "Professional Services Agreement," and had been assigned TTUHSC contract tracking number ABCD 01234 5, and had also specified in its Article III that "Either party may terminate this agreement at any time with or without cause by giving thirty (30) days written notice to the nonterminating party," the notice letter should include the following text:

Pursuant to Article III of the "Professional Services Agreement" ABCD 01234 5 involving the services of Juan Wacky, MD, thirty (30) days notice of termination is hereby given.

*However, when the responsible Contract Manager becomes aware of a situation in which termination is "for cause", the responsible Contract Manager should immediately consult with the Director of Contracting to discuss the procedures and notifications that may be necessary.

In any case, the Contracting Office will notify or confirm with the responsible Contract Manager its receipt of any written termination notice, and will archive the written termination notice and will appropriately update the record of the contract in the contract tracking system.