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Contract Providers

Contracted Physicians: MD's

Napoleon Campos, MD d/b/a NiPride Services PLLC

Jean Jean-Pierre, MD d/b/a Sunbelt Anesthesia Alternative PA

Jasper Mesarch, DO

Russell Morris, MD

Matthew C. Nuckols, MD

Maria Elena Ortega, MD

Miguel Samonte, MD, PA

Contracted Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist's: CRNA's

David Beeman, CRNA d/b/a Daydream Anesthesia PLLC

Felicia Boykins, CRNA d/b/a Faith Anesthesia PLLC

Christopher Bruckler, CRNA d/b/a Bruckler Anesthesia PLLC

Stacey Bruckler, CRNA d/b/a Bruckler Anesthesia PLLC

John Buen, CRNA

Richard Caguingin, CRNA d/b/a Caguingin Professionals PC

Danielle Sumer Christensen, CRNA d/b/a Allay Anesthesia

Anabella Deodores, CRNA d/b/a Deodores Inc.

Carlos Desir, CRNA d/b/a Mont Carmel Comfort Care LLC

Amanda Dunleavey, CRNA d/b/a Rest Assured Anesthesia, LLC

Eric Feely, CRNA d/b/a Gorilla Anesthesia LLC

Robert Franco, CRNA

Jeff Gainok, CRNA

Jessica Garcia, CRNA

Mark Gates, Co-Chief CRNA d/b/a MiAnesthesia PLLC

Tammy Glass, CRNA

Ese Green, CRNA

Dion Ingram, CRNA

Laneeta Ingram, CRNA

Adrian Jacuqez, CRNA

Joseph Karhan, CRNA.

Frances Kramer, CRNA

Stacey LeSueur, CRNA d/b/a SL Anesthesia PLLC

Omar Lopez, CRNA d/b/a Lopez Anesthesia PLLC

Alejandro Mendez, CRNA d/b/a AM Anesthesia

Valerie O'Neal, CRNA d/b/a ONeal Anesthesia PLLC

Savannah Rincones, CRNA d/b/a ZZZ Anesthesia PLLC

Cheryl Rossi, CRNA

Greg Sanders, CRNA d/b/a Sandman Anesthesia LLC

Michael Scholl, CRNA

Christine Torres, CRNA d/b/a Torres Anesthesia

Ryan Uptmor, CRNA

Richard Veal, CRNA d/b/a Initmitable Enterprises, PLLC

Kendra Williams, CRNA d/b/a 321 Anesthesia

Tina Whitman, CRNA d/b/a Whitman Professional Services PC

William Wingfield, CRNA d/b/a Wingfield Anesthesia PLLC