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Multi-colored Simplified Asthma Guideline Reminder (MSAGR)
Comments By Clinicians

Dear Dr. Ting: Thank you for the guideline. I plan to make copies for all my asthma patient charts and use them regularly. This will really help me take care of my patients in a timely and efficient manner. I wish we had more help of this sort. Thanks. Family Practice. TX
Thank you very much for your nice MSAGR, which really helps us to treat our patients. Please send me free copies. Pediatrician. Alabama
I commend you for your work. The MSAGR has been extremely helpful in my practice. Systemic evaluation of asthma patients has improved with your chart. Family Practice. NJ
Helpful even for a pulmonologist. NY
For a specialist this is of little help. I think it's great for primary care . Good work. Allergist. NY
This should be circulated to all primary care doctors. It is great. Allergist. KY
MSARG: This is a simple yet profound achievement. Please make it available to all PCPs. Allergist. TX
I am a Respiratory Therapist who works only in the ER. I see many patients every week to whom I would like to give a copy of this form to take to their family physician. TX
I think this is a great tool. I am an asthmatic, as is my 18 year old son, and can really understand the importance of this. I am also a nurse practitioner and see patients with asthma on a daily basis. Thanks for a great tool. TX
Could you please forward to me a web site for your Multi-colored Simplified Asthma Guideline Reminder! I would like to include it in the resource list for the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program in Ontario, Canada. It looks like a great tool! Cheers! JO Canada
The colors are most helpful in making the chart easy to read. The dosing guidelines are great too. Family Practice. NJ
Nice practical tool for every day use. Internist. TX
Great Tool! Pediatrician. TX
Excellent Guideline. Pediatrician. TX
I am impressed by your simplified approach to Asthma management in clinical practice. Could you please mail me a MSAGR. Internist. NJ
Please send me copy of MSAGR at following address. Love your form but I was not able to down load. Pediatrician. TN
Very nice. Simple, concise, quite usable. Next revision leave space for providers to put their own system- based formulary products. Pediatrician. CA
A companion takes home sheet for parents/patients would be the only improvement!! Something that was carbon copy able-- so documentation of personal plan and patient has a copy of their personal plan. But, that's in an ideal world where everyone gets free health care and all the ice cream they can eat...:) Pediatrician. Michigan
As I commented in the survey at the website, I really appreciate your hard work being shared with us. I wanted to make sure I understood your intentions--it is OK to use this in our clinic, isn't it. I took "for personal use" to mean we could use it, not sell it! If I'm wrong, let mean know. Thanks again. Director. FP Residency Program. AR
1. I think you have lots of helpful information and reminders well organized in a small space. 2.The colors are attractive but a little overpowering. 3. I am doubtful that it will copy well (haven't tried it yet, though.) 4. Extremities is spelled wrong Family Practice. CA
Yes, we are interested in the new version of the MSAGR. We have 16 residents in our clinic. Faculty would also probably like a copy. Can you send 20 copies? Do you have a survey you would like done to evaluate the effect on our clinical practice? I will be glad to administer it for you. Pediatric Training Program. Alabama
I'll come back and fill this out after I have used what looks like a useful form Family Practice. CO
Almost has too many colors...somewhat distracting and therefore harder to follow than necessary...but nonetheless a much appreciated effort. Family Practice. Alaska
Since you have a section for Hx, PE, and Dx, it could be used as a form in the chart. As such, what about placing the ICD-9 codes on it for easier billing? Family Practice. IN
Nice job, if you have more color copies available please mail us some at FP Residency Program. PA
Great format for PCPs. will use for teaching PCPs in my community. Pulmonary. NM
Excellent format and very easy to use in daily practice. Thanks for doing this for us. PCPs in the trenches. Family Practice. NM
Looks great. Definitely the most user-friendly asthma guidelines. Will put into good use. Thanks a million. Family Practice. SD
The most helpful & easy to use asthma guidelines! Definitely to disseminate to all FPs in the trenches. FP. MN
Excellent format. Love colored dose chart on inhaled steroids. FP. TX
Love the form. Thanks. Pediatrician. TX
Thank you for your contribution. I found the document very helpful. Internist. TX
Have not read it yet, not downloaded. MD. IM. TX
Yes - this would be a very useful tool to use for asthmatics - I am finding that a lot of the asthmatics that I now see are not optimally managed and maybe if they see the info in writing it will improve compliance. MD. IM. TX
Very impressive format. MD. FP. Thanks Minnesota
Simple handout for distribution to my patients might be helpful Allergist. DC
Dear Dr. Ting:Great job on the MSAGR!! Well done. I am having a hard time printing them, and was wondering if you could send me several copies. FP. MI.
P.S. for now, I could use around 50 of them, but if that is too many please send 1 or 2 and then I'll copy them.
Many thanks. Please send me an original copy of MSAGR. FP Residency Program. NY
Loved your guide but had trouble printing it. Please send me an original. FP. NJ
I would greatly appreciate a copy of the MSAGR. Pediatrician. FL
I would like to obtain 6 copies of the MSAGR to be posted in our Pediatric Allergy/Immunology Clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.
Great job. My colleagues enjoy it as well Pediatrician. Maryland
Very Nice.. Allergy-Immunology. UCLA Pediatrics
I like the MSAGR for it's clear classification of asthma severity. Although I don't favor home peak flow monitoring. I like the concept of simplifying asthma management for primary care physicians. Good job. Pulmonary Critical Care. Texas
This should be circulated to all primary care doctors. It is great. Allergist. KY
Looks like a great helper. Pediatrician. MI
Excellent tool. Thanks for your generosity. Pediatrician. NM
Best- very easy to follow. Worst- None. Suggestions: Make it available to more physicians. It's very good. Pediatrician. TX
Nicely done. Thanks for the generosity. Emergency. NY
The information very useful for students and residents. Allergist. DC
Excellent presentation. FP. MN
Excellent! Let's use it. FP Residency Program.. TX
It is nice to have the handy NIH dose chart with the brand names on it. We try to widely disseminate that chart to all house staff. I will place the samples in our house staff general medicine clinics Thanks UC Davis. CA
Immense array of choices. Good use of space. Max Data. Allergist. TX
Would like to use for school teaching. Pediatrician. NM
Excellent. Allergist. PA.
Well done. Practical information. FP. NM
This is great! Will be a great help to me. FP. NM
Best chart Form Color co-coordinated FP. TX
Very helpful, precise, important guidelines. Oriented to information easily Ped. TX
The arrows on the decision tree are a bit distracting. The information is very easy to understand without the arrows
I attended Dr. Ting's presentation at the recent NMAPA meeting in Albuquerque. It was extremely valuable! Would appreciate a laminated copy of the MSAGR
I think this tool will be very helpful
Require larger print size
The symptom/trigger assessment is helpful
Next revision leave space for providers to put their own system- based formulary products
The Best
ery nice, colored-coding is SO HELPFUL
I am not a PA, but there was not a box for Resp Therapist. We probably see as many asthmatics as anybody and we could have a great impact on promoting the EPR-2 guidelines
Thank you for the form. It will help when providers ask me for suggestions concerning their patients
Thanks for sharing all your hard work! The color coding does greatly assist us in easily selecting the appropriately treatment plan for each class of asthma
Our 2nd and 3rd year Resident Physicians in our Ambulatory Care Dept. have asked me to get more copies of MSAGR. FP Residency Program. CA
This is clearly designed for physicians. Is there a companion piece for patients? If not, we developed one that I will share with Dr. Ting.
Thank-you, I think that this form will be very useful in our practice
The MSAGR looks to be just the thing to improve patient education and continuity of care
The comparisons of inhaled steroids will be particularly useful to me. Will send suggestions, etc. after I've used the forms for a while. THANK YOU for taking the time to compile and disseminate this!"
Good work. I am on the Asthma Disease Management Committee of one of our hospital systems. We developed a similar set of tools for helping PCPs evaluate, treat and follow asthma patients.
However they will not use these tools and claim they do not need disease management people helping them. To make matters worse these are PCPs who are employees of the hospital system.
If you have any ideas on how to make PCPs buy into the need for this I would be grateful
My main reason for low scores above is that I am already teaching, educating, etc in my practice. This looks good. Thanks
We are in the midst of looking at how we can improve service to our asthmatic patients. I look forward to utilizing this tool
I think this is a great form. I will be forwarding a copy to my med/surg students. Thanks for taking the time for this!"
The arrows on the decision tree are a bit distracting. The information is very easy to understand without the arrows
I haven't seen the form so I cant answer these questions. I am the Director of a large asthma coalition and learned of the tool at the World Asthma Meeting in Chicago. I will let you know what the providers in my area think.
Blackstone Family Practice in Blackstone Virginia is a primary care, Family Practice Residency Program of theVirginia Commonwealth University, our Director would like to know how many of the free MSAGR forms you might be able to send us.
Our Chief resident brought this to my attention. We definitely find it useful and would like to post copies in our pediatric clinics. Can you please send10 more copies. Ambulatory Care Dept.(Allergy Clinic) Orange County. CA.
Dear Friend Stan, HAAAAAAALP!
Took my beautiful laminated copy to Project Vida along with various copies that we could put in the exam room and in the patients' chart, showed it to the other practitioners and gave them copies and then returned home.
Guess what? Now there is no evidence that I ever had the laminated copy nor that anyone at PV recalls what transpired. Please, please send me another copy so that I won't believe I am hallucinatory.
I am interested in receiving the MSAGR. I saw your web page. Please send me the MSAGR by mail Thank you.
JC. GP. Canada
I've downloaded the forms and printed them, but the poor quality of my printer leaves the pages rather difficult to read. I am wondering if it would be at all possible for you to send me 2 or 3 copies (or more if available) of your MASGR so that I can have one on file, one to use in the office and any more that you can spare to share with my colleagues.
With thanks for your help.
Please send original copy of the Asthma guideline reminder. Thanks. BE GP. Canada
Just a quick note to thank you for making these asthma guidelines available. This will help me a great deal in my practice, as this area of Ontario has a very high asthma rate NP. Canada
I would like a copy of the MSAGR, five if possible Thank you for your work on this initiative, it helps us all in the
trenches!! JP. Canada
I would be interested in receiving a copy of the above. I work as an NP in a large family practice in Calgary, Alberta. I will share the information with the Doctors and clinicians here.
Thanks, JB Canada
Do you still have copies available of the MSAGR and could you send me a package of several copies please. Thank You JW. Canada
Dr. Ting: Could you please forward to me a web site for your Multi-colored Simplified Asthma Guideline Reminder! I would like to include it in the resource list for the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program in Ontario, Canada. It looks like a great tool! Cheers! JO Canada
Dear Dr. Ting: I would like to request a copy of your MSAGR. It looks great! Thank you for the time and effort that you have put into developing it. RRT. Canada
I tried to download the info yesterday however the quality was very poor from my printer. Thank you very much for time and ongoing endeavor to assist practitioners in asthma control and management. NP. FP. Canada
Dear Dr.Ting: As a recent graduate of the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner
Program I was really impressed with the work you have recently completed to help with asthma management.
s a current employee at a local community health center I would greatly appreciate it if you could forward 10 copies of the guidelines for me and my fellow NP colleagues as well as MD's.
I know they would be equally impressed. Canada.
I am a Nurse Practitioner student and would greatly appreciate any forms you could forward to me.. Thank you again. Would it be possible to have 2 copies of your guidelines and charts for our offices? Thank you. NP. FP. Canada
I would be delighted to forward this information to our members. Would you consider in providing us a hard copy of the form. We could incorporate it into our journal, and/or we
could do a stand-alone mailer for you. I would like to explore this with you if that is possible.
Thank you for your kind attention.
American Association of Ambulatory Care Physicians
It looks great, but I need to try using this before I can really evaluate. Dosages and drug names are more useful in USA than other countries. MD. South Africa
I have not had to chance to use it yet
Excellent clinical tool for practitioners
I am a Respiratory Therapist who works only in the ER. I see many patients every week to whom I would like to give a copy of this form to take to their family physician
Excellent format, Great for those of learning the practice
Excellent tool. Great work!
Clear concise and complete. Great reference
I have used the B/W version for months. The MSAGR is great
Wonderful & beautiful chart. will use in my practice.
Simple, easy to use in practice
I cannot fill out the rest until we evaluate this. It looks good to me, I'm an RT (RCP) who is now in Quality Management / Disease Management. I will present this to our asthma committees for their input. NM.
It was extremely valuable! Would appreciate a laminated copy of the MSAGR. Thank you JN. PA. NM
Very easy to use. PM. LNP.TX
Easy to comprehend and follow. MES. LNP. TX
Very concise. Easy to comprehend and follow. LA. LNP. TX
Good reminder for new and old practitioners, practical guide. EC, LNP. TX
This is a great tool. It is busy but very complete. This would be nice to have pocket side to carry it all the time. It is better than the book dose. Thank you for such a great resource. DA LNP, TX
Color coding excellent, good guidelines. LC. LNP. TX
BEST: Good prompter. WORST: A little busy LNP. TX
Very informative, fun and easy to understand. LNP TX
BEST: Quick concise WORST: Too big . Pocket size is good LNP. TX
I've had trouble remembering all of this even though I studied all of this 3 weeks ago. I particularly like the meds with doses. LNP. TX
Would be nice if form was made to become a permanent part of record. Yes, pocket size would be nice. LNP. TX
Comprehensive and easy to follow. LNP TX
The meds chart is very helpful. Quick chart on classification is a good reminder. LNP TX
I am a pediatrician in a community clinic in the South Bronx. I saw your MSAGR in the internet while researching various websites for asthma guidelines. I tried downloading a copy but the color scale doesn't work that well with my printer. Could you please send me a copy of your MSAGR by mail. LJ. MD. PD. NY
Please send me a copy of your one page form. If you have an email list or mailing list, I would appreciate being on it. I work in a community health center in San Antonio. LM.MD. FP. TX

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