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Fact Sheet

Student MSC Contact Hours for MS I and MS II

Currently, the Center is scheduled to teach medical students in their first and second year for two hours per week for 34 educational weeks. The scheduled student contact hours for the Medical Skills Course, which is one of the four student courses during the first two years, are presented in Table 1.

Table 1: Student Contact Hours for MS I-II per Academic Year

Academic YearNumber of StudentsContact Hours
2009-2010 40 3,040
2010-2011 100 7,600
2011-2012 140 10,640
2012-2013 163 14,018
2013-2014 197 16,942

An estimated additional 1,600 student contact hours per year will be utilized for clerkship OSCE examinations, starting in academic year 2011-2012. Therefore, there are opportunities to utilize Center's space and equipment for additional time, considering simultaneous parallel running of events and activities.

Faculty Development

A total of 143 faculty participated in 10 Faculty Development Courses(FDC) from 2003 to 2012. On average, faculty participated in FDC within 10 months from their hiring dates.

Table 2: Demographics of Participants in the Faculty Development Courses

Participants 57 (40%) 86 (60%) 26 (18%) 51 (36%) 7 (5%) 59 (41%)

Table 3: Accomplishments of Participants in 10 Faculty Development Courses

 Teaching AwardsAdmin LeadershipEducational LeadershipTenure Promotion
Participants 42 4 46 20


The Medical Education Buildings ATACS Center was occupied in 2008 by two staff members in order for the Center to be operational for the 2009-2010 academic year. It was the hard work and dedication of these two individuals that are responsible for what the Center now has to offer. With the continued expansion of class size and the numerous sessions now held at the Center the need for more staff members has allowed the ATACS Center to grow to six staff members, all with unique talents and expertise.

The Technical Assistant Director supervises 3 specialists, and is responsible for the operation and technical support of the Center. The Educational Assistant Director supervises the Medical Skills Course Coordinator, and trains 50 Standardized Patients. The Administrative Assistant Director, supervises a Senior Business Assistant, and is responsible for budget, contract, purchasing, and communication & marketing.

Table 4: Staff Growth

Staff 2 5 6 6 8
Standardized Patients 0 40 40 45 50