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Resident Education

Residents are scheduled for this rotation during their 3rd year at the West Texas Regional Poison Center (WTRPC) and University Medical Center of El Paso (UMC). Residents will be exposed to the field of Medical Toxicology and to the laboratory methods by which toxicological studies are performed by spending 30 hours in WTRPC. A one- hour orientation with the WTRPC Director is required to familiarize the resident with the functioning of the poison center and will include instructions for operating the computerized Poisindex system. Residents will be on call for an additional 12 days.

Residents will learn the pertinent aspects of the history and physical exam relative to acute poisoning with particular emphasis on clinical recognition of major toxic syndromes (toxidromes); learn the presenting sign, symptoms, laboratory findings, pathophysiology and treatment of common therapeutic drug poisonings, drugs of abuse, natural toxins, and general household poisons as delineated in the core curriculum of Emergency Medicine; learn the common hazardous materials (HAZMAT) of the workplace and pre-hospital operations with regard to HAZMAT incidents. These are just a few learning experiences out of many.

Although not required, the resident will be expected to prepare a brief case report on a patient seen in the Emergency Department during the month of the rotation. This does not need to be a unique situation (as would be needed for publication). Instead, this is a learning experience for the resident acquainting him/her with the method for preparing a case report.

For more information regarding the Medical Toxicology Resident Rotation, please contact Dr. Stephen W. Borron, Acting Division Chief, Division of Medical Toxicology, and Professor of Emergency Medicine & Medical Toxicology at