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Paul L. Foster School of MedicineGraduate Medical Education/Residency and Fellowship Programs

Graduate Medical Education

Policies & Procedures

Adverse Action Appeals Policy


Appointment Criteria for Trainees

Appropriate Treatment of Medical Students and Residents

Cardiac Life Support Certification

Certificate of Completion of Training

Complaint Procedure

Dedicated Time for Program Directors

Delayed Start of Training



Disciplinary Action Notice Policy

Disciplinary Action Notice-Performance and Deficiency Alert and Review Form 1

Disciplinary Action Notice-Performance and Deficiency Alert and Review Form 2

Disruptive Behavior

Duty Hours Exception

Duty Hours Policy Rev 1/13/12

ECFMG Certification of IMGs

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Evaluation of Performance

External Moonlighting Policy

Graduate Medical Education Committee

Graduate Medical Education Membership

Graduate Medical Education Voting Policy

Impaired Physician Policy 2014

Internal Moonlighting

Internal Review Policy

J-1 Visa Candidates

Leave of Absence

New Program Request

Non-reappointment Notification

Notification of Voluntary Withdrawal from Training

Out of Town Rotations

Passage of Licensing Examination

Personal Recording Devices

Physician-in-Training Permit or Independent Practitioner License

Positive Criminal Background Check

Program Evaluation

Program Expansion Request

Program Reduction and/or Closure

Recommendation of Dismissal from Training

Resident Graduation Recognition Event

Resident - Fellow Supervision

Responsibilities of Program Directors

Sick Leave

Student Visitors on Campus

Utilization of the NRMP for Resident Selection


Visiting Health Professional Trainee