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Hispanic Center Of Excellence

The TTUHSC Paul L. Foster School of Medicine is a designated Hispanic Center of Emphasis(HCOE) and has received full funding to implement various programs for the past few years. The grant is multifaceted and impacts the entire campus. The main focus is aimed at improving the academic achievements of students, and facilitating the advancement of Hispanic and underrepresented minority faculty members. Activities include expanded recruitment programs, developing a "pipeline" of students from the Border region, building and enhancing faculty development opportunities, resident leadership development, exposure to culture and medicine, facilitating research related to health issues predominant in our region, and strengthening our community presence among our underserved and disadvantaged populations.

The HCOE Advisory Committee was formed to ensure that we not only comply with the grant requirements, but also develop action plans which build on the HCOE efforts including sustainability and growth of the program.

For inquiries regarding the HCOE and/or the committee, please email us at .