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A patient's Guide to Chemotherapy

What to eat during chemotherapy? What foods to avoid? How to prevent nausea? and other questions....

Clinical Trials

What is a clinical trial? What happens during a clinical trial? Why are clinical trials important? Should I participate in a clinical trial?

How to manage Fatigue?

I don’t have cancer but I am interested to know what can I do to prevent breast cancer? There is no single cause for breast cancer. Unfortunately breast cancer may not be entirely preventable. However, we can certainly minimize a number of known risk factors for the disease, especially getting exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, limiting alcohol and smoking cessation. Beyond these important self-help measures, there have been research initiatives that identified at least 2 now FDA approved agents to lower the risk of breast cancer in women at high risk of developing the disease, raloxifene and tamoxifen. Some women with a strong family history of breast cancer may also consider the option of prophylactic surgery. Our Breast Cancer Program is happy to offer Genetic Counseling for patients with strong family history of cancer , as well as advice on  Prevention, Screening, & Early Detection of Breast Cancer