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Why Choose us?

The Division of Hematology-Oncology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and UMC in El Paso provides multidisciplinary care to cancer patients. It employs fellowship-trained physicians and medical researchers who are among the best in their respective fields. Our physicians provide the latest treatments, delivered with the compassionate care for which TTUHSC and UMC are known. The division is a unique, urban-based, culturally-diverse, integrated system of patient care research, and education. Currently, we offer patients multiple unique opportunities for care as detailed below.

Top 10 reasons why to choose your cancer care at TTUHSC:

  • The availability of dedicated staff including a full time social worker, an oncology trained nurse practitioner, a Breast Cancer patient navigator, care coordinators and oncology certified nurses to coordinate every aspect of care, from financial assistance to hospital care
  • The availability of specialty Multidisciplinary Tumor Boards. We recognize that each tumor type requires a special set of resources and support. All cases are reviewed in Multidisciplinary conferences where medical oncologists, surgeons , radiologists, radiation oncologists and a pathologists look at radiology films and biopsies projected on a large screen and discuss a plan everyone agrees on . The patients get a more cohesive care based on a consensus of experts.
  • The Division Of Hematology-Oncology is distinguished by leadership in the Breast Cancer Program and is led by a Breast Cancer Specialist recognized nationally for her contribution to the field of Breast Cancer
  • Our Breast Cancer patients are cared for in the University Breast Care Center (UBCC). UBCC is a unique center in El Paso, established 17 years ago and staffed with dedicated surgeons, oncologists and radiologists specializing in breast diseases and Breast Cancer. The UBCC sees 4,500 patient visits annually. It provides a multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment of breast disease, including same day consultation by surgery, medical oncology and radiation therapy. All new breast cancer patients are discussed in our bimonthly Breast Multidisciplinary Tumor Board to provide the best opinion from multiple experts and expedite the care of our patients. Multiple breast specialists sitting in one room examine the medical record, history, mammography, ultrasound and pathology slides of each patient presented and formulate an individual treatment plan for that patient. The plan is then discussed with the patient, sparing her multiple consultations and multiple visits.
  • We are among the largest provider of Cancer Care in El Paso area , seeing close to 700 new cancer case each year
  • TTUHSC –El Paso has a Cancer Center of Excellence in basic research, recognized nationally for pioneering cancer research programs.
  • In addition, the division of Hematology Oncology has Clinical research at its core value. We have received funding for multiple cancer clinical trials that are approved and available to actively enroll patients. Our cancer program is affiliated with SWOG, one of the largest National Cooperative Oncology Groups that lead national practice-changing and breakthrough cancer research. We are also the only cancer program in El Paso affiliated with the South Plains Oncology Consortium (SPONC), a regional consortium devoted to conducting early phase oncology trials and translational cancer research. Please keep checking the website for updates on upcoming and current trials Cancer Clinical Trials at TTUSC.
  • Our physicians are all faculty in the Paul Foster school of Medicine, the only medical school in the El Paso metro area. Our physicians have a commitment to teaching medical students and residents through our nationally accredited programs. This educational environment dictates that our faculty maintains state-of the art knowledge and keeps up-to-date with the latest advances in Hematology and Oncology to teach their students but more importantly to the benefit of their patients. Our oncologists attend and present their research in multiple local and national oncology meetings every year.
  • Our patients will be receiving their chemotherapy, infusions or injections, in the World Class new Infusion Center located on the first floor of the new UMC hospital. This Infusion center has been designed, in part, by physicians with patient’s comfort and convenience a priority. It will include a Patient Library & Welcome Center and is expected to start welcoming patients November 2011
  • We are affiliated with University Medical Center (UMC) of El Paso. UMC has been ranked No.1 in the El Paso metro area in U.S. News & World Report’s 2011-12 Best Hospitals. In addition, UMC of El Paso earned a “high-performing “recognition by U.S.News. High –performing hospitals are fully capable of giving most patients firs-rate care, even if they have serious conditions or need demanding procedures.