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SCN Resident Neonatal Handbook

Resident Presentations

Neonatology Morbidity & Mortality Report and other presentations

Botagoz Hyams, M.D.

Necrotizing Enterocolitis, January 2009 (PL-1)

Fetal/Neonatal Effects of Psychotropic Drugs, Dec. 2009 (PL2)

Short Bowel Syndrome, January 2010 (PL-2)

Soraya Barragan-Bonacci, M.D.

Neonatal Hypoglycemia, July 2009 (PL-1)

Muddasir Qureshi, M.D.

Renal Cystic Diseases, October 2009 (PL-1)

Anna Mendiola, M.D.

Neonatal Hypoglycemia, July 2008 (PL-2)

Congenital CMV, February 2009 (PL-2)

Omphalocoele, March 2009 (PL-2)

Twin to Twin Transfusion, August 2009 (PL-2)

Emad Lawendy, M.D.

Thrombocytopenia in the NICU, October 2009 (PL-2)

Jian Kang, M.D.

Surfactant, March 2009 (PL-2)

Weili Chang, M.D.

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, July 2009 (PL-2)

Darinka Shaw, M.D.

Meconium-Stained Amniotic Fluid, February 2009


Osama Naga, M.D

Respiratory Distress Syndrome, March 2009 (PL-1)

Hypoxic Ischemic Enlephalopathty, July 2009 (PL-2)

Neonatal Hypotonia, July 2009 (PL-2)

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, February 2009 (PL-2)

Jesus Peinado, M.D.

Neonatal Herpes Simplex Infection, July 2008 (PL-2)

PPHN, February 2009 (PL-2)

Hyperbilirubinemia & Kernicterus, March 2009 (PL-2)

Naima Frewan, M.D.

Congenital Syphilis, July 2008 (PL-2)

Neonatal Hypertension, July 2008 (PL-2)

Erythropoietin, December 2008 (PL-2)

Sexually Transmitted Disease, October 08 (PL-2)

Septic Shock in Newborn, January 2008 (PL-1)

Cecilia S. Carigma, M.D.

Congenital Syphilis, October 2007 (PL-2)

Ana Carolina Vega, M.D.

Myelomeningocele, April 2008 (PL-2)

Pearl Park, M.D.

Temperature Control in the Neonate, August 2007 (PL-2)

Eduardo D. Rosas-Blum, M.D.

Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate, August 2007 (PL-2)

Assisted Reproductive Technology, Sept. 2007 (PL-2)

Filomena Hazel R. Villa, M.D.

Pulmonary Mass in a Neonate, December 2006(PL-1)

Approach to Inborn Error of Metabolism in a Neonate(PL-2)

PPHN April 2007 (PL-1)

Vanessa Salinas, M.D.

Congenital Syphilis, January 2007 (PL-1)

Julian Paniagua, M.D.
Coagulopathies in NB, January 2006

Marifi De Jesus U. Cabaluna, M.D. (PL-2)

Neonatal Hypertension, November 2006

Kurari Weeratunge, M.D.
Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, January 2006 (PL-2)

Asiain Lourdes,M.D.
Newborn with Thrombocytopenia, November 2005

Persistant Ductus Arteriosus, October 2005

Brachial Plexus Injury In Neonates, February 2005

Medical Student Presentations

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