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Cytometry Core Laboratory

The Flow Core Facility provides instrumentation, technical and professional assistance for performing laser-based flow cytometric analysis and sorting. This facility provides investigators and those of other metropolitan area research universities and institutions access to high quality, cost effective flow cytometry services. Flow Cytometry is a quantitative analytical method that can measure physical and chemical properties of cells and particles. A flow cytometer is comprised of electrical, digital, and optical components. As cells in suspension travel through a core stream a series of scattered and emitted light is collected and specific bands of fluorescence can be measured. Flow Cytometry capabilities include but are not limited to DNA analysis, phenoytypic analysis, apoptotic studies, cell cycle and functional studies.

Cell Sorting allows for the separation from a complex mixture of cells into a defined single cell fraction that can then be analyzed. Optics, lasers and electronic processors, automate the task of identifying and quantitatively analyzing individual cells. By measuring the physical and chemical properties of cells, such as fluorescence, then by physically separating cells while still alive, the cell sorter has become an important tool for biomedical research and clinical medicine.