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Infectious Diseases

Principal Investigators

Manjunath Swamy, M.D.,

Professor and Co- Director

915-215-4241, Contact

Premlata Shankar, M.D.,

Professor and Co-Director

915-215-4242, Contact

Subramanian Dhandayuthapani, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor

915-215-4239, Contact

Mingtao Zeng, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor

915-215-4244, Contact

Haoquan Wu, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor

915-215-4243, Contact

Huanyu Dou, M.D.,

Assistant Professor

915-215-4259, Contact

Himanshu Garg, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor

915-215-4271, Contact

Anjali Joshi, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor

915-215-4263, Contact

walker headshot

Wendy Walker, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor