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PLFSOM Student Government Association

PLFSOM Student Organizations/Officers - Year 1314

AMSA - American Medical Student Association - Anand Narayanan MS2

AIG - Anesthesiology Interest Group - Jennifer West MS2

CMDA - Christian Medical and Dental Association - Gloria Lee MS2

D - Dermatology - Kathrene Tajnert MS4

DIM - Diversity in Medicine - Lindsay Page MS2

ENT - Ear, Nose and Throat Group - Yoni Samocha MS3

EMIG - Emergency Medicine Interest Group - Nathan Valenti MS2

FMSIG - Family Medicine Student Interest Group - Joshua Speirs MS2

G - Geriatrics - Howard Chen MS2

GBHS - Global and Border Health Society - Travis Corgan MS2

IMIG - Internal Medicine Interest Group - Daniel Varela MS2

LMSA - Latino Medical Student Association - Patsy Ortiz/Katherine Diaz MS3

ME & HS - Medical Ethics and Humanities Society - Patsy Ortiz and Nadine Haykal MS2

MSSA - Medical Student Soccer Association - Rahul Chhana MS3

MSFC - Medical Students For Choice - TBA

MMSA - Military Medical Student Association - Kilian Schafer MS2

OB/GYN - Obstetrics/Gynecology -Rebecca Morton MS2

OSIG - Ophthalmology Student Interest Group - Sunyu Tran MS4

ORTHO - Orthopedics Interest Study Group - David Maxfield MS4

PC - Psychiatry Club - Patsy Ortiz MS3

PHIG - Public Health Interest Group - Jeff Mohlman MS3

PIG - Pathology Interest Group - Jacob A Smith MS2

PSO - Pediatrics Student Organization - Ashley Chapel MS2

RIG - Radiology Interest Group - Eric Bih MS4

SEEDS - Seeds of Change - Daniel York MS2

SIG - Surgery Interest Group - James Showery MS2

SIGN - Student Interest Group in Neurology - Amar Bhat MS3

TMA - Texas Medical Association - Chris Prompuntagorn MS3

WMSSIG - Wilderness Medicine Society Student Interest Group - Jonathan Lavezo MS2

Other Student Medical Organizations: Baptist Clinic - Katie Choi MS2

Student Run Clinic - Andrew Billnitzer and Chris Prompuntagorn MS2