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The Medical Student Run Free Clinic

The Medical Student Run Free Clinic opened its doors in Fall of 2013 where students and faculty of Paul L. Foster School of Medicine began volunteering their time. The Clinic provides primary health care services to patients of all ages in the Sparks community. The clinic is scheduled to open once a month initially, then later build up to weekly operating hours by spring 2014. Students manage all clinic operations from triage and registration to patient care and discharge under the direct supervision of volunteer physicians. This is a great opportunity for students to practice their medical skills and Spanish, all while developing a relationship with El Paso to provide an invaluable service to the community.

Clinic Operations take place on Tuesday evenings from 6pm till 9pm

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Clinic Medical Directors:

Gordon Woods, MD
Maureen Francis, MD
David Palafox, MD
Maria Theresa Villanos, MD
Blanca Garcia, MD

Current Student Leadership Team:
Andrew Billnitzer
Chetna Pande
Victoria Nunez
Jessica Phillips

For more information on how to support the clinic and volunteer, please contact:

Clinic Address:
Sparks Housing Development
106 Peyton Rd.
El Paso, TX 79928