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Office of Student Affairs


Kathryn Horn M.D.

Associate Academic Dean
Phone: 915.215.4786
Dr. Kathryn Horn

Tammy Salazar, Ph.D.

Director of Academic Support
Phone: 915.215.4365
Email: Dr. Tammy Salazar

Alex Garcia, M.A.

Phone: 915.215.4363
Email: Alex Garcia

Hilda Alarcon, M.Ed.

Executive Associate
Phone: 915.215.4786
Email: Hilda Alarcon

Diana Andrade

Student Services Manager / Financial Aid
Phone: 915.215.4364
Email: Diana Andrade

Rita Martinez

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 915.215.4366
Email: Rita Martinez

Ines A. Garcia

Unit Coordinator
Phone: 915.215.4362
Email: Ines A. Garcia

Virginia Hinojos

Unit Coordinator
Phone: 915.215.4361
Email: Virginia Hinojos

Chris Escapite B.B.A.

Sr. Business Assistant
Phone: 915.215.4361
Email: Chris Escapite

Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing

Office of Student Affairs

Gretchen Ruiz

Unit Manager
Phone: 915.215.6121
Email: Gretchen.Ruiz

Jose Castaneda

Lead Specialist
Phone: 915.215.6120
Email: Jose Castaneda

Bertha Martinez

Sr. Business Assistant
Phone: 915.215.6124
Email: Bertha Martinez