Academic Calendar

2018‐19 Academic Calendar

All dates subject to change.

All Dates Subject To Change FALL 2018 SPRING 2019
Advance Registration July 2 Nov. 5
New Student Orientation Aug. 10  
Last Day to Register or Withdraw Without Penalty Aug. 12 Jan. 6
Semester/Term Starts Aug. 13 Jan. 7
Martin Luther King Jr. Day   Jan. 21
Last Day to Add or Drop a Course and Receive a Refund (Does Not Apply to Students Who Drop to Zero Hours) Aug. 28 Jan. 23
Labor Day Sept. 3  
Last Day to Withdraw and Receive a Partial Refund Sept. 10 Feb. 4
Last Day to Submit Intent to Graduate Application Form   Feb. 8
Spring Break   Mar. 11-15
Last Day to Drop a Course or Withdraw Nov. 16 April 19
Thanksgiving Holiday Week (GSBS Students) Nov. 19-23  
Thanksgiving Holiday (TTUHSC El Paso Closed) Nov. 22-23  
Last Day of Classes Nov. 30 April 26
Final Examinations Dec. 3-7 April 29-May 3
Semester/Term Ends Dec. 7 May 3
Final Grades Posted Dec. 13 May 9
Commencement/Official Diploma Date   May 11


2017‐18 Academic Calendar

All dates subject to change.

Advance Registration Jul. 5 Nov. 1
New Student Orientation Aug. 11  
Last day to register or withdraw from TTUHSC El Paso without penalty Aug. 13 Jan. 7
Classes Begin Aug. 14 Jan. 8
Martin Luther King Jr. Day (University Holiday)   Jan. 15
Last day to add or drop a course and receive a refund- does not apply to students who drop to zero hours - 12th Class Day (1st Census Date) Aug. 29 Jan. 24
Labor Day Holiday Sept. 4  
Last day to withdraw from the university and receive a partial refund 20th Class Day (2nd Census ) Sept. 11 Feb. 5
Last Day to File Statement of Intent to Graduate   March. 2
Spring Break   Mar. 5-9
Last day to drop a class or withdraw from the university Nov. 17 April. 20
Thanksgiving Holiday week (students) Nov. 20-24  
Thanksgiving Holiday (TTUHSC El Paso closed) Nov. 23-24  
Last Day of Classes Dec. 1 April. 27
Final Examinations Dec. 4-8 April. 30-May 4
Semester/Term Ends Dec. 8 May. 4
Grades Due  Dec. 13 May. 9
Final Grades Must be Posted Dec. 14 May. 10
Commencement/Official Diploma Date   May. 19