Admission to the Summer Accelerated Biomedical Research Program (SABR)

Thank you for your interest in the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS).

The TTUHSC El Paso Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences offers undergraduate students the opportunity to become a part of our institution through our Summer Accelerated Biomedical Research (SABR) Program.

Our faculty are always involved in many relevant and interesting research areas. As such, the SABR Program is an excellent educational opportunity with a commitment to fostering our interns' desire for science and research. The program is intended for undergraduate students or current graduates (with no graduate course-work) who wish to gain more research experience before entering graduate school.

The SABR Program introduces interns to a full-time work schedule; this can be a first-time experience for many. During the 10 weeks of the program, interns are exposed to the life of a graduate student while learning to become more independent and autonomous. Along the way, interns will be helped by their mentor, graduate students, other lab staff members, and the TTUHSC El Paso GSBS administration.


  • Apply online
  • Complete and submit an online application prior to the application closing date.
  • Application period opens September 1, 2017.
  • Submit:
    • Written essay through the online application, stating your reasons for applying to the program.
    • Two letters of reference are required through the online application system. The reference letters have to be sent from the author's institutional or work email. Reference letters and forms submitted by the applicant are not acceptable.
    • Copy of transcript(s) from all universities attended.

Please send all required documents to:

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Office of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Medical Science Building I, Room 1005B
5001 El Paso Drive
El Paso TX 79905

Applicants are encouraged to contact the TTUHSC El Paso GSBS for any questions or concerns at

All applicants should allow ample time for required support documents to be received and added to the application file. Applicants will not be considered for evaluation until the TTUHSC El Paso GSBS Office receives all your documents.

Important Information

  • Applications must be completed and submitted by application closing date. Only submitted applications with all required support documents can be considered for admission.

  • 2016 SABR Program begins on May 31 and continues through August 4.

  • This program is a paid internship. Payment dates are July 1 and August 1.

  • Applicants who participate in our SABR program and wish to apply to one of our academic programs are, at the discretion of the dean, eligible for an application waiver.

  • A typical workweek will consist of at least 40 hours, sometimes more if your experiments require. Night or weekend hours may be necessary. You will work with your mentor to create a daily/weekly schedule to support your experiments and research. Your lunch hour should not exceed 60 minutes. Anytime you are going to be 30 or more minutes late or are sick, you must to notify the GSBS main office at 915-215-4158 and your mentor or lab.

  • Due to the large amount of time spent in the lab each week, students will be unable to concurrently take summer school classes or work a second job.

  • Orientation, Safety Training, and Wednesday seminars are REQUIRED attendance; NO EXCEPTIONS. Any time you cannot attend due to sickness, you must notify the TTUHSC El Paso GSBS main office. Please try to arrive a few minutes early so we may start all functions on time.

  • The SABR Program is designed to complete your research project in a 10-week timeframe. Working on your own research project will be an immersing experience for the entire duration. If time off becomes necessary, permission must be granted at the beginning of the program.

  • You are required to participate in the entire Final Research Presentation on August 4. Interns will prepare an abstract during the 10 week program and present their findings at the end of the program.

  • Most importantly, our SABR Program is for you to learn new ideas, learn new techniques, meet new friends, grow independently and to have a great summer!

Previous SABR interns are not eligible to apply.