Students who have been granted admission to the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) are expected to register for classes. Failure to register in the term for which admission is granted requires an application for readmission. Registration information is provided during new student orientation prior to the beginning of the fall semester. Graduate students are permitted to register at any time beginning the first day of advance registration. Advance registration usually begins in April for the fall semester, and in November for the spring semester. Online registration is available to all admitted students. Instructions for registration and add/drop procedures can be found on elpaso.ttuhsc.edu/gsbs.

Upon admission, all GSBS students are subject to the requirements listed in the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) Institutional Student Handbook Code of Professional and Academic Conduct, the GSBS catalog, and the GSBS student handbook.

Core curriculum: Core curriculum courses are taken in both semesters of the first year. The curriculum is designed to give all GSBS students a unified and coordinated foundation that serves as a basis for further study in individual disciplines within the biomedical sciences.

Core curriculum coursework includes Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Laboratory Methods in Biomedical Sciences, a Biomedical Sciences Seminar, Genes and Function, and Introduction to Statistical Methods in Biomedical Sciences. Additionally, GSBS students are required to complete a course in ethics (GSBS 5101, Responsible Conduct of Research) in the second semester. See Core Curriculum for more information.

Schedule changes and withdrawals: Any graduate student who wishes to add or drop a course must initiate such action with the GSBS office. Students should follow the academic calendar for deadlines associated with adding/dropping classes and withdrawing from a course. If a student fails to attend a course in which he/she is enrolled without filing an official withdrawal will receive an F in that course.

Full-time study: GSBS semesters are 16 weeks-long, 15 weeks of instruction plus one week for final examinations. Any exceptions to this rule must have the prior approval of the GSBS office. Full-time enrollment is considered 9 credit hours for students during a regular semester. Students receiving (a) scholarship(s) must meet full-time enrollment requirements each semester.

Registration: Students are required to register for the appropriate courses in every semester in which they expect to receive assistance, use the facilities of the university, or take comprehensive examinations.

The number of hours for which a student must enroll in each semester depends on his/her level of involvement in research and use of university facilities and faculty time.

Registration without credit (auditing): Persons who wish to audit a course for no grade must complete and submit a Permissions to Audit Course Without Credit form from the GSBS main office. Those who audit a course do so for the purpose of hearing or seeing only and do not receive credit or a grade in the course. Students auditing a course will not be listed on the class roll, and no notation of the audit will be made on the student’s transcript.

Faculty and staff course registration: Full-time members of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) faculty and staff may enroll in courses with the permission of the course director, and by submitting a GSBS application. By registering for graduate work, any faculty or staff enrolled in coursework become subject to the regulations of the GSBS. However, no member of the faculty who has held rank higher than instructor at TTUHSC El Paso is eligible to pursue a graduate degree program at this institution, unless approved by the GSBS office.