Guidelines and Requirements

Academic Probation

Purpose: To ensure understanding of the academic performance standards set forth by the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS).

All students enrolled in the GSBS are required to maintain a high level of performance and comply fully with the policies of the institution. The GSBS reserves the right to place on probation or to dismiss any graduate student who does not maintain satisfactory academic standing or who fails to conform to the regulations of TTUHSC El Paso. Probation applies for a designated period of time and may lead to more severe disciplinary sanctions if the student is found to be in violation of any institutional regulation(s) during the probationary period.

  1. If a student's graduate GPA for a particular semester falls below 3.0, the student is placed on academic probation. The student must make a 3.0 GPA or better in the next semester in which he/she is enrolled. Failure to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher in each succeeding semester may result in academic dismissal from the GSBS.
    Regulations governing scholastic probation are based on semester grade-point averages and apply regardless of overall grade-point average.

  2. The minimum requirement for graduation is a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all courses taken for graduate credit.

  3. Students are also required to follow the code of professional and academic conduct. Failure to do so may be grounds for dismissal (see the TTUHSC El Paso Student Affairs Handbook for further information).

Any student who has been suspended must appeal to the GSBS for reinstatement, if desired.

Students who have been dismissed must appeal to the GSBS for reinstatement, if desired. Procedures to appeal academic dismissal are found in the Student Complaints section of this handbook.

Student Complaints

Purpose: To define the process for students to resolve and/or file a complaint regarding any academic issue, except those described in the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) Student Affairs Handbook, such as:

  • Misconduct
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Student records
  • Employment at TTUHSC El Paso
  • Other types of mistreatment

It is the policy of the TTUHSC El Paso Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) to affirm the right of its students to a prompt and fair resolution of any academic complaint or grievance. The Student Hearing Committee is responsible for administering the GSBS’s policies regarding student grievances and ensuring that due process is afforded to all parties concerned.

All student disciplinary hearings are closed, and all related information is protected from public disclosure.

Grade Appeals

A student who wishes to appeal a grade must file a formal, written grade appeal within five business days of the beginning of the next semester. A grade can be formally appealed only when there is demonstrable evidence that prejudice, or arbitrary or capricious action on the part of the instructor has influenced the grade. The burden of proof that such an unfair influence has affected a grade rests with the student who appeals the grade.

Faculty members are vested with the authority to establish course requirements and standards of performance. It is the responsibility of faculty to articulate and communicate course requirements and standards of performance to students at the beginning of each course and apply all grading criteria uniformly and in a timely manner. Final grades posted online by faculty/staff of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) are presumed to be accurate and final. Any student who has questions about a grade received in a course should ordinarily seek to resolve the issue by first consulting with the instructor. If the issue has not been resolved after consultation with the instructor, and the student believes there are grounds for appealing the grade, the student may invoke the procedure outlined below.

The complaint policy is not applicable when it is the instructor’s judgment that the quality of the student’s work is at issue. The assessment of the quality of the student’s academic performance is one of the major responsibilities of GSBS faculty members and is solely and properly their responsibility.

During the academic complaint resolution process, the student may enroll in and attend didactic courses and is responsible for all tuition and fees.