Student Health Information

Purpose: To define the health services available to students.

    1. Student Fees: All students are required to pay the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) medical services fee each semester. This fee covers access to the health clinic, where students can see a nurse or physician at no charge for minor problems. To receive health services, students must present a student ID card at the time of the appointment. If a student has private insurance in addition to student health services, he/she must submit the receipt for the co-pay to the private insurance company for reimbursement. More information on this fee and its benefits is located on the Health and Safety Resources page of the Student Services site.

      NOTE: The student health fee covers only those services provided by Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso at 125 Hague, Ste. 340, and specific laboratory and radiology services performed at cooperating locations. All other charges incurred are the student’s responsibility.

    2. Required Health Insurance: All Graduate School of Biomedical Science (GSBS) students are required to have adequate health insurance, which is separate from the medical services fee. Options include:
      1. The Health Sciences Center (HSC) Academic Health Plan (for plan details, visit the Student Services website)
      2. A health insurance policy outside of the HSC
      3. An existing family insurance plan

      NOTE: Students are expected to have hospitalization insurance coverage for every semester in which he/she is enrolled. Students should be prepared to provide proof of coverage at the time of registration.

    3. Immunization and Screening Fee: Every fall semester, students are assessed an immunization and screening fee that includes the initial validation and maintenance of immunization records as required for health care personnel. Immunization records are kept up-to-date through the Occupational Health Department. Annual services include tuberculosis (TB) screenings, influenza vaccines, and hepatitis B vaccines (completed post-matriculation). The Occupational Health Department also provides follow-up for any blood-borne pathogen exposure that may occur while you are a student at TTUHSC El Paso.