Message from the Associate Vice Chancellor

Victoria Pineda AVC

There have been many exciting changes at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso – a new President, new initiatives for the university, and an even bigger charge to stand alone as the unique institution that we are. Just minutes away from the U.S.-Mexico border, TTUHSC El Paso serves as a vehicle for students and faculty to research some of the nation’s most understudied diseases while bridging the gap between quality health care professionals and our unique community.

As the Associate Vice Chancellor for the Office of Institutional Advancement at TTUHSC El Paso, I feel honored and privileged to work on a campus that exists 100 percent because a small group of interested donors decided to take an active role in changing the face of health care across the El Paso region. No other university in the Texas Tech University System, and few universities in the country, were created through such an organic outpouring of support. It is this, and our shared dedication to graduating the competent and compassionate health care leaders our community deserves, that truly exemplifies the TTUHSC El Paso mission.

I am proud to lead the Office of Institutional Advancement and to work alongside our president, faculty, and supporters to instill in others a philosophy of giving that is donor-centric and results-oriented. After all, individuals inspired the establishment of our campus, and it is imperative that this ongoing support is cultivated, nurtured, and cherished in order to ensure our success as a community.

Through a combination of goodwill and hard work, TTUHSC El Paso will touch the lives of thousands of people for generations to come. It is this culture of philanthropy that defines our campus and we will spread across El Paso and beyond. 

Victoria Pineda, CFRE
Associate Vice Chancellor
Office of Institutional Advancement
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso