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Information Technology


Information Technology provides technical and end user support at Texas Tech Health Science Center El Paso. We can look back with a great deal of pride and look forward with excitement and enthusiasm to a new age of technology. With the innovation of personal computers, every aspect has changed in how we do business. Today, the future holds new challenges in technology. We are experiencing explosive growth in technology and networking and we are working very hard to educate every employee with tomorrow's skills.

Our objective here at Information Technology is to provide skills, along with the tools for growth, and to understand, learn and use the innovations of tomorrow. Let's all participate in our service-oriented organization and help it become the talk of tomorrow. Information Technology is here to assist all of our employees by giving them personal time and support for the very important tasks they tackle on a daily basis. We are giving priority to our faculty, students and staff with the best opportunities for success in the job they are performing.


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