Need to purchase a new computer or peripheral? TTUHSC El Paso and Summus/Dell have teamed up to make quality Dell products available at discounted and affordable prices. Departments, faculty, staff, and students can select from a list of systems that come with factory installed software commonly used at TTUHSC El Paso. A wide variety of upgrades are also available at the same reduced prices. For the convenience of TTUHSC El Paso departments, bundled configurations which meet the recommended specifications for computers in our institution are also available. Bundled configurations are also available for faculty, staff, and students personal needs. These bundles are different than the bundles offered to TTUHSC El Paso departments. They have been configured to meet the needs of individual users. Whether you configure your own or opt for one of the bundled configurations, you will save money by using the TTUHSC El Paso Summus/Dell Connection. Dell will begin to build your system upon receipt of your order, and delivery can be expected within 3-5 business days.

Click Here for special monthly offers from Dell for TTUHSC El Paso students, faculty, and staff personal purchases.

How to Order

To select the Dell system that best fits your needs or to utilize the outstanding Dell support, simply use the links below:

Please note: All TTUHSC El Paso department purchases from Summus/Dell must be made through TechBuy. Access is limited to authorized TechBuy Shoppers and Requestors. If you are not authorized to use TechBuy, please contact your department administrator for assistance.

If you have any questions regarding the TTUHSC El Paso Information Technology - Summus/Dell Connection, please contact the IT Solution Center at (806) 743-1234 or by email at ELP.HelpDesk@ttuhsc.edu.