Add AV Services to Existing Booking in Virtual EMS

In the "Reservation Details" tab, you will see the booking(s) contained in your reservation.   Reservation Details   Add Services      

To add Audio Visual services to one of your existing bookings, click on Green Plus found under "Services". You will be then taken to the "Booking Details" page. All information associated with a single booking will be found at the top of the page. Booking Details Existing Services will display all present services attached to booking. To add services, click on "Audio Visual" on the left


The following window will open:  Audio Visual    

Select the desired equipment, enter desired quantity, and include any special instructions.   Make sure to read and agree to terms/conditions. 


Finally, click on Save    

On the following screen, the additional bookings found in your reservation will be displayed.      Additional Bookings

You will now have the option to add the newly added services to the other bookings. Select the desired bookings and click on Save 

If services are not desired for the other bookings, click Not Apply You will then be taken back to "Booking Details" where the newly added service order will now appear in the Existing Services section.   Existing     Existing Edit 

Green Plus New Item - Allows you to add new services.

Pencil Edit this Item - Allows you to edit service type, start time and end time.

Cancel  Cancel Service Order - Allows you to cancel entire service order.


PencilEdit this Item - Allows you to edit quantity and special instructions. 

Cancel Cancel this Item - Remove single item from service order.