EMS - Create a Reservation

 EMS Home menu image

Select “Create a Reservation”

Next, you will be taken to the “My Reservation Templates” screen. This screen will contain both public and private room options that users may request to reserve.

All users have access to the following menu options:

  • AEC room request – for public rooms available in the Academic Education Center
  • ASB I and ASB II room request – for public rooms available in Academic Services Buildings 1 and 2
  • TTP of El Paso room request – for public rooms available at the Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso building, otherwise known as the “Clinical Sciences Building”
  • MCA room request – for public rooms available on the second floor of the Medical Center of the Americas
  • MEB room request – for public rooms available in the Medical Education Building
  • SON room request – for public rooms available at the Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing
  • Laboratory Animal Resource Center request – for labs available on the first floor of the Medical Sciences Building I (Badge Access required)

Once the correct building option is located, click

On the following page, enter search parameters on the left side of the screen.

Date selector image

After the date and time have been entered, click Search button image

To the right of the screen, “Rooms You Can Request” will display all the rooms in the building.

Example of room listing image

Click to select the desired room(s). [NOTE: Users can select more than one.]

Once desired room(s) has/have been selected, click Next button image

The “Reservation Details” screen will then appear.

Reservartion details prompt for name and event type example

Enter “Event Name” and select “Event Type.”

Select group image example

Select Group and then first contact’s name. If the name is not on the list, please select (Temporary Contact) and enter their contact information.

EMS is only for room reservations, for video conference and audio/visual services please proceed to TeamDynamix.

Once completed, click Create reservation button image

Confirmation image example

A confirmation message will be sent within 24-48 hours.