Event Management System Department Assignment

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If you find that you are not assigned to the correct department when filling out a reservation for a room, please follow the following steps to fix it.

Once you have filled out the necessary information in Info Tab and Location Tab, proceed forward to the “Details” tab.

Info Location Details tabs

Please click on the Lookup magnifying glass next to the box.

 Client Details

The "Item Lookup" box will appear.

 Item Lookup 

Once the desired department comes up, select the green plus Add under “Add.”

Once selected, it will show up on the top.

Groups You Can Book For 

Scroll to the bottom of the item lookup box, then select Done Button or select the X on the right top corner.

Item Lookup Done

In the “Group” box, click on the down arrow and the newly selected department will appear.

Newly Selected

In 1st contact field, select either “(temporary contact)” or whatever name is needed.

Contact List

 Client Details

If your name is not on the list, please select “(temporary contact).” Please fill in all fields marked with a Required

If you continue to have issues or are unable to complete the steps, please contact:
Classroom Technology

(915) 215-4078