Event Management System Edits


  Red X - Cancel Booking
Notebook- Edit Booking
  Green + - Add or Edit Services
  Magnifying - View Services

To edit a booking, select the pencil and notepad icon (Notebook) on the left side of the screen.

The reservation details will be displayed. 

Reservation Details

At the top of this page will be the original reservation details.


On the left side of the page you will find Event Details, When Where, Setup Information, and Availability Filters

New Details

In this section, you will enter the new search criteria for your new booking.

Make any necessary changes to the “Event Name,” “Event Type,” “Date,” “Start/End Time,” “Time Zone,” or “Attendance.”  After all changes have been made, select  Find Space.

The results of your new search will be displayed in the List Grid area.

New Results

Select the newly desired room by clicking on the green Green + and select  Update Booking Button at the bottom.  


A message that the booking has been successfully updated will be displayed. Select “OK” to continue.


You will then be taken back to the reservations details page.

New Reservation Details

Changes made to reservations will have their status changed to “Web Request.” A new confirmation email will be sent to reflect the changes made.