Event Management System: How to Reserve Non-Video Conference Rooms

Step One

Directly access VEMS at the following link: elpappems01.ttuhsc.edu/VirtualEms.


Log in using e-raider credentials.


Step Two

Once logged in, select on the type of reservation needed.


  • Campus Room Request – Events requiring public non-video conference rooms located on the main campus.
  • Video Conference Room Request – Events requiring public TechLink rooms located on the main campus.

Step Three

When and where

Enter the required information, that is indicated with a red asterisk (*).

If your event is recurring, then click on the recurrencetab to enter the start and end dates and select “Find Space.”

Step Four

From the list of available rooms displayed, select the desired room by clicking on the green plus (green plus) next to the listed room. The selected room will then appear in the Selected Locations section of the screen.

selected locations

Select continue at the bottom and complete the information found within the “Details” tab.

Step Five

As indicated with a red asterisk (*), please enter the required information in the Event and Group Details sections.

event details

Step Six

If audio/visual equipment is required, please submit a work order via TeamDynamix.

other info

Final Step

Once all required information has been supplied and the necessary equipment has been selected, click on “Submit.”


Immediately after submitting your reservation, a message will pop-up acknowledging the reservation. You should also receive an email that contains the basic information of your reservation. Within 24-48 hours, you will receive a final confirmation via email.