MagicInfo Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions  

MagicInfo is the digital signage that can be seen in and around TTUHSC El Paso. It is intended to engage and inform students, faculty, staff, and visitors by displaying content on large screens throughout campus and some satellite offices.

  • Students - All student content needs to be approved by the Office of Student Affairs, regardless of the audience.
  • The content, once approved, will be posted to the monitors located outside the SA Office and the Student Lounge on the 1st floor of the MEB.
  • If the content is requested to be posted campus wide, SA will then submit it to the Office of the President for approval.
  • Faculty and Staff - Content needs to be submitted to Linda Mendoza from the Office of the President.
  • Students - Submit content for posting on SA and Student Lounge monitors.
  • Faculty and Staff - Submit content for posting on campus wide monitors. (eRaider credentials required)
  • Classroom Technology can also receive content and send it to the appropriate individuals.

You will receive an email from the responsible approver on the status of your submission.

Friday is the recommended deadline for content.

Newly approved content will be posted on Monday mornings.

Slides last for 20 seconds.
Content will stay up until the event/deadline has passed or if it is requested to be taken down by responsible party, or the Office of the President.

Campus wide content will be displayed at the following monitor locations:

  • Office of the President waiting area
  • MEB lobby
  • MSB lobby
  • Entrance to IT office area in ASB
  • CSB Lobby
  • Three monitors located in AEC Lobby, 1st floor
  • Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing
  • Office of Institutional Advancement located on N. Oregon St.
  • Also displayed on the monitors located in the Student Lounge and Office of Student Affairs along with student specific content.

Slides are requested to be .jpg images in landscape view.

Videos are requested to be .wmv format, no more than 20 seconds in length.

Classroom Technology reserves the right to modify content solely for display purposes. (Shrinking file size or content presentation size, etc.)

  • Only events sponsored by TTUHSC El Paso are allowed to be displayed.
  • Student, Faculty, and/or Staff events and activities.
  • Notices of important deadlines.
  • Announcements of new programs.
  • Reminders for important services.
  • Short and to the point.
  • Include what, when, where and a point of contact.
  • Include any related social media sites where interested individuals can go to get more information.
  • Don't use all caps or overuse punctuation marks. Do use large text.

A project request needs to be submitted to the Project Management Office. After going through the necessary process and the requestor approving, the new system will be purchased and installed. Classroom Technology will then be in charge of operating and maintaining the content and hardware.