Event Management System View My Request

To view your bookings, select “My Account” from the top menu and then select “View My Request”.   My Account     Current Tab By default, you will be taken to the Current tab. All upcoming, non-canceled reservations are displayed in this section. The Historical tab displays all non-canceled reservations that occurred in the past. The Calendar tab displays all future & past non-canceled reservations. If Show Cancelled is selected in any of the tabs, all canceled reservations will displayed as well as the non-canceled reservations.

Select the desired reservation by clicking on the name of the reservation.    Current Tab

This will display the bookings that are associated with the reservation.    Reservation Details

By default, the Reservations Details tab is displayed. This page contains all the required information from your reservation. The Additional Information tab contains additional information associated with your reservation. The attachments tab contains any documents you included in your reservation. On the right side of the screen, you will find the following options:   Right Side   Edit Reservation - Edit Group & Event details
Add Booking - Add additional recurrences for your meeting
Cancel Bookings - Cancel a SINGLE booking
Cancel All Bookings - Cancel ALL bookings in reservation
Service Availability - Terms & conditions for available services
View/Email Reservation Summary - Overall summary of reservation
Add booking to personal calendar - Ability to add reservation to personal Outlook calendar
Booking Tools - Edit date & time   More details on this section can be found at "Editing your Reservation in Virtual EMS"   On the left, bottom side of the screen you will find the following icons:   Actions Services   Cancel Booking    - Cancel Booking. Step by Step Cancel Booking Page Edit Booking  - Edit Booking. Step by Step Edit Booking Page
Add or Edit Services    - Add or Edit Services