Project Management Office

Project Management Cover Image - Agenda and pen

The Project Management Office ensures the institution is compliant with state law and serves as the center for all Information Technology project initiatives. It facilitate the progress and success of Information Technology projects from beginning to end through the use of project management methodology, processes, and standards.

  1. Project requestor fills-out project request form and submits to PMO (Click here to submit a Project Request)
  2. Project request reviewed
  3. Project request undergoes prioritization process
  4. Meeting scheduled with project requestor to discuss project and technical requirements
  5. Assigned Project Manager drafts project charter
  6. Project Manager sends finished project charter to project requestor for review
  7. Project Sponsor (Department Dean) signs project charter after acceptance
  8. IT begins planning

What is a PMO?

  • A project management office (PMO) is an organizational body or entity assigned various responsibilities related to the centralized and coordinated management of those projects under its domain.

Why the need for a PMO?

  • To fulfill requirements.
  • State - Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Title 1, Part 10, Chapter 216, Subchapter C
  • TTUHSC Policy - HSC OP 56.03 - Project Management
  • Strategic Intent.
  • Align project objectives with organizational goals, vision, mission

What is a project?

  • A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.
  • GGHSON Building (Telecom & Networking)
  • Network Infrastructure Upgrade (Switches)
  • PC Life-Cycle Refresh
  • IT Transition Projects