Please send IT TTUHSC El Paso travel inquiries and/or requests to Flora Martinez and for a review of Travel Operating Policy (OP 79.06).

  • Once the travel is approved by the IT administration the employee must make all travel reservations.
  • After the reservations are completed, the travel application will be submitted.
  • All original receipts and trip analysis form must be turned in upon return from your trip for reimbursement. The travel voucher will be submitted online after the receipts are turned in.

Please send recruitment inquiries and/or requests for TTUHSC El Paso to Edna Rivas

  • All recruitment paperwork, staff performance, signed position description forms must be turned in and they will be taken to HR.
  • Directors are responsible for turning in a list of candidates to Candace Snider or Flora Martinez to set up interviews, walk the candidate to the interview area to meet with the panel.
  • After the candidate is chosen and offered the position, Edna Rivas will initiate the background check. She will request the biographic form from the candidate and create the EPAF.

Please send any new employee inquiries and/or requests to Edna Rivas

  • All new employees are to report to NEO (New Employee Orientation) on the assigned NEO date.
  • The day after NEO, the employee will report to Candace Snider and she will assist with taking the new employee to all areas such as Quality Improvement (Shot Review), LAB (shots needed), UMC (TB if needed), the Police Department (Employee ID), Traffic and Parking (Vehicle Permit), and the different IT Areas.

Please send any work order inquiries to Edna Rivas through TeamDynamix.

For inquires only, please contact Edna Rivas.

TTUHSC El Paso Vehicle/Golf Cart Reservations

Please send any requests for vehicle/golf cart through TeamDynamix.

For inquires only, please contact Edna Rivas or Flora Martinez.

  • A driver approval form must be filled out prior to operating a TTUHSC El Paso vehicle. The form is located on the Office of Risk Management website. Once you complete the form, print and turn it in to Edna Rivas with a copy of your driver’s license.
  • Vehicles must be reserved ahead of time to ensure there’s one available on the day you will be using it.
  • Please ensure that you have your driver’s license when operating any vehicle.

IT Conference Room ASB 1240 and other TTUHSC El Paso rooms can be reserved at the Event Management System website.

Please send all IT budget funding inquiries and/or requests to Sonny Gomez or Brenda Bucio

For any other inquiries or suggestions please contact us at