Event Management System FAQ

EMS 101

EMS is the event scheduling software used to request and  reserve rooms throughout the main TTUHSC El Paso campus and some of its satellite facilities.

Classroom Technology
Jesus Lopez
915-215-4078/915-215-4111, option 2

Your login credentials are your eRaider username and password. Click “Welcome, Guest.” “Sign In” will then appear and you will be redirected to the eRaider sign-in page.


  • Staff and faculty with valid eRaider credentials can request/reserve a room.
  • Students requiring a room reservation need to contact the Office of Student Affairs. SA will submit the request and receive final confirmation, which they will then forward to the requester.
  • Non-TTUHSC El Paso clients need to contact the Office of the President in order to reserve rooms.

If the requester includes you as a point of contact on the reservation, you will be copied on the request acknowledgement and confirmation emails.

Templates have been created and organized according to building.

  • AEC room request – for rooms available in the Academic Education Center
  • ASB I and ASB II room request – for rooms available in Academic Services Buildings 1 and 2
  • CSB room request – for rooms available at the Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso building, otherwise known as the “Clinical Sciences Building”
  • MCA room request – for rooms available on the second floor of the Medical Center of the Americas
  • MEB room request – for rooms available in the Medical Education Building
  • SON room request – for rooms available at the Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing
  • Laboratory Animal Resource Center request – for labs available on the first floor of the Medical Sciences Building I (Badge Access required)


The amount of notice required varies, depending on the venue.

  • For public, non-video conference rooms – minimum of 24 hours in advance
  • For public video conference rooms – minimum of 72 hours in advance

The reservation request is attempted to be made less than:

 24 hours for public non-Video Conference rooms


2 weeks for public Video Conference rooms.

Requests made fewer than required time in advance must contact the President’s Office or Classroom Technology to request space.

This means that the time of your event is outside the determined building hours.

It means that you are trying to reserve further than one year in advance.

The room you are trying to request is already booked for the requested time frame. The event calendar appears in EMS and the unavailable times will be marked out in blue so that you will be able to see what times the rooms are not in use. Please note that this message may appear even if it only conflicts by a small fraction of the time (ex. 5 minutes) so adjust accordingly.

No. Upon submission, you will receive a request acknowledgement, outlining your information – this is not your confirmation. All requests must be reviewed according to university policy before being approved.

Your request is not definite until you receive an email confirmation from the president's office.

Once you submit the request, it should show up in  "View My Requests" and the space will be saved for you. The event is still pending until you receive a confirmation email. Events are usually confirmed within 24-28 hours after the request had been received.

No. Reservations are only available within one calendar year of the date the reservation is requested. It may be possible to accommodate special requests if approved by the Office of the President.


The cancellation can be done online 24 hours before the start of the event. If done after this time frame, a phone call or email to Classroom Technology is required.

Either online or by email/telephone.

Note: You must be one of the points of contacts for the reservation to cancel it.

Changes to events cannot be made fewer than 24 hours in advance. Please contact the appropriate office if you have changes to your event.

Department/Web User Account

This means that your department has not used the reservation system yet. Classroom Technology can add your organization.

Please use the “temporary contact” option to add yourself, then your name will be added once the request has been received. 

Please contact Classroom Technology so your user account will be updated to reflect the new email address.


The amount of notice required varies depending on the equipment type and venue

  • For on-campus equipment request – minimum 24 hours in advance

  • For off-campus equipment request – minimum 3 business days in advance

Every public room is equipped with a screen and projector. Classroom Technology can also provide additional equipment such as laptops, portable screens, portable projectors, etc. Please contact Jesus Lopez at 915-215-4078 for further information.

Jose Mancha, Unit Manager – 915-215-4080 OR 215-4111, option 2


There may be several reasons for this with the most likely reason being that the room is not available. Once reservations are requested the space is taken out of available inventory.

Please note that we are unable to accommodate more people than the room’s stated capacities due to safety regulations.

Yes (if applicable).  However a work order with maintenance would need to be filed in order for that to occur.

Reserve both AEC 201A & 201B for the same date and time.

Please Note: A work order to maintenance is required for the partition to be removed.