56.10.09 - Wireless Access

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To define wireless access and acceptable usage.


This policy will be reviewed once a year by the director of Systems and Network Operations and will be approved by the chief information officer (CIO).


1. To ensure proper administration and security of the network, it is important for the development of wireless networking capabilities to be controlled and coordinated. This document outlines the policies for the implementation of wireless networking technology at TTUHSC El Paso. See also Policy 1.4.14 - Portable Computing.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all wireless network devices connected to the TTUHSC El Paso network infrastructure, owned by TTUHSC El Paso, and operated in TTUHSC El Paso facilities.

3. Policy

Wireless network connections are inherently less secure than wired connections. TTUHSC El Paso IT recommends using hardwired connection for business-critical applications.

TTUHSC El Paso’s Information Technology Department has extended the TTUHSC El Paso network to provide wireless service to any area based on need and demand and subject to the availability of resources. Wireless networks are not intended as a replacement for, but as a supplement to the existing wired network.

The director of Systems and Network Operations or his/her designee must approve the installation and use of wireless access points connected to the TTUHSC El Paso network. These access points and wireless devices must have the manufacturer’s default Secure Server Identifier (SSID) changed. These access points and devices will be audited and monitored on a regular basis. Information Technology reserves the right to remove any unauthorized or misconfigured wireless device from the network immediately and without prior notice. Wireless networks and services are subject to the same rules and policies that govern other electronic communications services at TTUHSC El Paso (See Acceptable Use and Portable Computing). Disruption of authorized communications or unauthorized interception of wireless communication is a policy violation.

4. Equipment

TTUHSC El Paso’s wireless equipment follows Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 standards. Wireless equipment standards will be reviewed and amended as wireless standards change, and as products that improve the security and reliability of wireless networks are introduced.

5. Security

Access to the wireless network is limited to individuals authorized to use the institutional network and internet resources. All wireless network users must authenticate their identity through an authentication server managed by Information Technology before access to the TTUHSC El Paso network is granted. Anonymous users will not be allowed to access the production wireless network. Guest wireless networks should only be used by guests.

6. Responsibilities

  • Develop, maintain, and update wireless communication policies and wireless networking standards.
  • Approve standards for wireless network hardware and software used.
  • Approve, design, and install wireless network equipment for all TTUHSC El Paso locations.
  • Inform wireless users of security and privacy policies and procedures related to the use of wireless communications.
  • Monitor security of all wireless networks within the TTUHSC El Paso network to prevent unauthorized access to the institutional network.
  • Monitor the development of wireless network technology, evaluating wireless network technology enhancements, and, as appropriate, incorporate new wireless network technologies into the TTUHSC El Paso network infrastructure.