56.20.01 - Information Technology Procurement Review

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The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures and guidelines for the procurement of technology.


This policy will be reviewed in December every odd year by the director of finance in IT at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso).


1. Introduction

With the increased deployment of Information Technology resources at TTUHSC El Paso, the Institution must strategically review IT purchases to ensure they are consistent with the direction of the institution and to achieve an integrated environment. This policy will not only establish IT procurement procedures but will also allow the individual departments and schools flexibility in making their technology purchases.


2. General Principles

The CIO is the delegated authority for establishing guidelines that both comply with the purchasing requirements and needs of the Institution.

Prior to making technology purchases, please review the following:

  • Technology products are supported by the Information Technology Department. Hardware and software recommendations are based on the ability to provide ongoing support.
  • Technology products will not adversely affect the integrity and/or security of the TTUHSC El Paso network. Certain products will require pre-approval from the TTUHSC El Paso Information Security Office and Networking Department.


3. Procurement Procedure

TTUHSC El Paso Department of Purchasing rules and regulations govern all Institutional purchases, regardless of the nature of the purchase or the items purchased. Detailed purchasing guidelines can be found in the Department of Purchasing’s online Procurement Manual.

IT Procurement that requires pre-approval must be submitted to the CIO and/or the Information Security Officer prior to submitting the procurement documents to Purchasing or obligating the Institution. For example, an unapproved purchase could inadvertently cause an IT security, accessibility and or compatibility issue within the TTUHSC El Paso network.

  • The CIO and or their designee must approve all technology purchases to include hardware, software, and technology related contracts greater than or equal to $25,000.
  • Technology purchases that, when utilized, could affect the normal operation, functionality, and/or security of the TTUHSC El Paso technology environment must also be approved by the CIO, regardless of the   cost. Requisitions for technology purchases will be routed to the CIO or his appointed designee for approval.
  • Procurement of desktops, laptops and tablets require a quote from the IT helpdesk prior to submitting a requisition to the purchasing department.
  • All network devices, services and maintenance support to include but not limited to servers, switches and routers must be reviewed by the IT Director of Network and procured by the IT department. Contact the IT director of finance for this type of purchase and further guidance.
  • All IT Security products and services will be reviewed by IT Security officer and procured by the IT department. These include but not limited to security hardware and software.

All IT Classroom technology equipment will be reviewed by IT Classroom technology director. To include but not limited to video equipment, digital signage and other miscellaneous classroom IT hardware.