56.20.02 - IT Department Asset Management

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The purpose of this internal Information Technology (IT) policy is to establish procedures and guidelines for the management of IT assets.


This policy will be reviewed in December every odd-numbered year by the TTUHSC El Paso director of finance in IT.


IT assets consist of hardware, software, and video conference equipment. Software and hardware assets are to be controlled according to requirements of HSCEP OP 63.10, Property Management.


  1. The chief information officer (CIO) or his/her designee is responsible for the inventory of all IT assets purchased within the department.
  2. The IT Department maintains a database of IT assets assigned to different areas within the IT Department.
  3. All assets must be tagged prior to deployment or installation.
  4. Prior to submitting to surplus or transferring a computing device that can store data, the IT Department is responsible for submitting a Help Desk ticket to ensure that all media and confidential data is d
  5. Appropriate disposal processes have been put in place by General Services. Individual departments are responsible for the software and data files on their computing devices.
  6. Any lost or stolen assets must be reported immediately, in accordance with HSCEP OP 63.10, Property Management.