56.20.03 - Project Management

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This policy describes the rules and direction of the TTUHSC El Paso Information Technology (IT) Project Management Office for managing and documenting Information Resource (IR) projects. This policy is provided as a measure to protect TTUHSC El Paso’s IR investments in meeting the needs of the institution’s customers and constituencies.


This policy will be reviewed in December every odd-numbered year by the director of finance and program management in IT.


  1. A project is required to meet all of the following Project Management Institute standards:
    • A project is a temporary endeavor;
    • A project creates a unique product, service, or result;
    • A project is the result of a multi-task job that performs something specific (i.e., a goal). It is thus progressively elaborated.

  2. A project is considered a project if it includes one or more of the following activities:
    • Builds or buys a new software application and/or interface;
    • Enhances or maintains an existing software application;
    • Conducts IR research, discovery, feasibility, or proof of concept as part of the project’s scope;
    • Provides technology solutions to support business innovation, optimization, or consolidation;
    • Performs system or data optimization;
    • Buys new or enhances existing IT infrastructure


  1. A project must meet both of the above definitions. If the project meets only the first criteria, it falls under non-IT project management standards. If the project meets only the second criteria, it does not fall under project management standards.

  2. All employees and partners pursuing projects involving software procurement and deployment are responsible for complying with this policy.

  3. All TTUHSC El Paso IT projects are governed by this policy. All project requestors must contact the IT Project Management Office before beginning any planning or work effort on a project.

  4. Project management practices must meet a minimum standard outlined in the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 1, Part 10, Chapter 216, Project Management Practices, and the Texas Department of Information Resources’ Texas Project Delivery Framework. Project management practices must incorporate and align with Project Management Institute standards.

  5. All project-related purchases are subject to normal procurement reviews.

  6. 6. Inquiries regarding this policy should be directed to the IT Project Management by email at eppmo@ttuhsc.edu.