56.30.03 - Technology Replacement Schedule

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To provide the policy requirements for the use of technology resources within Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso). This policy outlines general compliance instructions, and responsibilities for the use of technology resources.


This policy will be reviewed every odd-numbered year by the directors of client computing and Systems and Network Operations, and approved by the chief information officer (CIO).


Desktop and laptops:

The life cycle standard for TTUHSC El Paso desktops, laptops, and tablets is three years, and warranties are required to be valid three years from the purchase date.


Infrastructure equipment:

The life cycle for servers and network devices is five to six years, and warranties are required for the lifetime of the equipment.


Classroom Technology equipment:

Videoconferencing hardware and software installed in multimedia teaching podiums and similar devices maintained and operated by the TTUHSC El Paso Information Technology Department will be replaced when one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • Required to meet approved user requests for new or enhanced functionality
  • Required due to limited functionality (current equipment does not provide the range of features or functions generally accepted to be the standard at the time of replacement)
  • Required due to obsolescence (unable to meet approved new or stricter performance and/or security standards for audio and video signal quality)
  • No longer logistically supportable