56.40.05 - E-commerce Applications

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The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for requesting and / or development of e-Commerce applications.


This policy will be reviewed each odd number year (ONY) by the Senior Director of Academic Services, the Director of Clinical Information Systems, the Information Security Officer, and the Chief Information Officer (CIO).


  1. All e-Commerce applications must utilize the Texas Tech University System e-Commerce approved software.

  2. An e-Commerce Service request must be submitted to the Information Technology Helpdesk for all e-Commerce applications. The Information Technology Helpdesk will assign requests to the Application Development Systems team. The following criteria must be met:
    • The e-commerce request workflow will be triggered and orchestrated by Application Development Systems.
    • All e-Commerce service requests and applications must be approved by the Chief Information Officer, Accounting Services, and Institutional Compliance.
    • All TTUHSC El Paso web pages that access the Texas Tech University System e-Commerce framework must be hosted in the TTUHSC El Paso Data Center.
    • The Application Development Systems team will provide support for integration purposes. The requesting department will be in charge of the development and integration of the application.

  1. The development of all e-Commerce applications must follow the guidelines outlined in Policies 56.40.06 Applications Development, Life Cycle, and Coding Standards approved by the Software Development Audit Task Force.

  2. All applications must follow the S.B.No. 1910 SECTION 1 Subchapter C, Chapter 2054 act.