56.40.06 - Applications Development, Life Cycle, and Coding Standards

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To establish the policy for software development and implementation standards.


This policy will be reviewed each odd-number year (ONY) by the director of clinical information systems and the senior director of academic services. It should be approved by the chief information officer (CIO).


  1. Scope and Applicability
    1. This policy applies to the development and maintenance of software applications within TTUHSC El Paso. The core processes of the life cycle are described and are applicable to any software methodology used.
    2. Outside of the Information Technology Department, all employees identified as developers should adhere to the same quality assurance procedures listed in this policy.

  2. Software Development Life Cycle
    1. Project requests must be approved by the department administrator before any work is started.
    2. An approved software development methodology must be followed.
    3. The programmers must abide by the following standards guide to be in compliance with applications architecture, security, naming conventions and programming best practices: TTUHSC El Paso Coding Standards
    4. A code review session must be performed by the Quality Assurance team as a prerequisite to the testing phase.
    5. Test cases must be completed and executed as a prerequisite to proceed with User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
    6. Test cases must be executed by an analyst.
    7. Stakeholders must assign at least one person to perform the UAT. Once the UAT is approved by the stakeholders, the application can be deployed to production environment.
    8. Initial deployment of a software application to the production environment must undergo a security assessment approved by IT Security.
    9. Software application deployment will be performed by database administrators following an established schedule and guidelines (link to standard schedule).
    10. All web sites must follow the B.No. 1910 SECTION 1 Subchapter C, Chapter 2054 act.