Refworks WNC Installation Instructions


  1. Create a personal Refworks Online account (also requires eRaider when off-campus)
  2. Login to Refworks Online with your personal account.
  3. Download Write 'n Cite by clicking Tools > Write 'n Cite
    • Windows users - Write 'n Cite requires that you have first installed the newest version of Java.
    • Mac users - Write 'n Cite for Mac requires an older and unsupported version of Java. If the installer offers to redirect you to install a version of Java newer than version 6 you must cancel, then download and install version 6 from the Apple Web Site
  5. Proceed with the installation of Write 'n Cite
  6. Not working after installation? Contact Refworks technical support: (775) 327-4105 (8am - 7pm CST, M-F)