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Note on database descriptions:

The descriptions below were, for the most part, supplied by the database providers and have undergone minimal editing. The TTUHSC Library of the Health Sciences guarantees neither the accuracy of these descriptions nor of the information found in the databases themselves. Inclusion of a database on this list does not imply endorsement of its contents by the Library.

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Tar Wars

An effective, innovative, and fun way for children to learn about the effects of tobacco use and ways to think critically about tobacco advertising.

Teaching Books

An engaging multimedia collection of digital books searchable by different K-12 reading levels.


Covers a variety of health related topics on teen health in a fun and understandable manner.

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Television News Archive

The most extensive collection of television news in the world. Contains over 30,000 individual network evening news broadcasts from all of the major U.S. networks, and special news reports such as ABC's Nightline since 1989.

Texas Digital Sanborn Maps

Find large scale city plans drawn at 50 feet per inch, for noncommercial use only.

Texas Fact Sheet

Contains data on each state with information about economics, education, business, population, and much more.

Texas Health Data

Users can search Texas vital records by birth, death, population, birth defects, and trauma data.

Texas Population Data from the Center for Health Statistics

Allows the use of population data for all Texas counties for public health analysis and planning. Also includes public reports. Available in Spanish.

Texas QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau

Users can find quick facts about Texas people, businesses, and geography.

Texas Reference Center

Find over 75 full text periodicals, 150 full text reference books, newspapers, and more literature related to Texas.

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Texas State Data Center and Office of the State Demographer

A distribution point for Texas census data, along with related federal and state information resources.

Texas Towns Database©

Discover information about Texas towns that once or still exist.


Find all of the official Texas resources, for state and local levels.

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An expansive resource for more than 700 public, academic, and medical libraries, with journals, newspapers, magazines, books, and much more.


Contains more than 150,000 articles from nearly 500 international and regional newspapers.

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Tox Town: Toxic Chemicals and Environmental Health Risks Where You Live, Work and Play

An interactive, multimedia way for elementary school students, educators, and the general public to learn about the connections between chemicals, the environment, and the public's health.

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Toxicogenomics - links to websites containing information about toxicogenomics

Brings together the technologies of bioinformatics and genomics to find and categorize suspected hazardous substances.

Toxicology Literature Online (TOXLINE)

The National Library of Medicine's (NLM) toxicology database, with more than three million bibliographic citations for biochemical, pharmacological, physiological, and toxicological effects of drugs and other chemicals.

Toxicology Web Links

Find links to a variety of environmental health and toxicology web sites.

Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)

As a result of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA), the public can now learn about the release of specific toxic chemicals and waste management.

TOXNET: Toxicology Data Network

From the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program (TEHIP) comes a network of databases covering hazardous chemicals, toxicology, environmental health, and related topics. Trauma Image Database

A free resource of educational trauma images. Warning: these images are intended for health care professionals and may be disturbing.

TRIP Database

Users can search through high quality clinical evidence from a wide variety of sources.

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TSCA Test Submissions (TSCATS)

Contains health and safety data that has been submitted voluntarily or as required reporting. Although TSCA tracks all submissions, it only publishes non-confidential information.

Twayne's Author Series

Browse the vast collections of Twayne's author series.

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Twentieth Century American Poetry

A vast collection of more than 50,000 poems, from 750 volumes by more than 300 American poets.

Twentieth Century English Poetry

A vast collection of more than 600 volumes by nearly 300 English poets.

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Discover protein sequences and functional information through this high quality, comprehensive, and free resource.

Up To Date

A popular database authored and used by physicians, with trusted evidence based information. Nearly 7,000 physicians, editors, and reviewers weed through current medical information to find the most relevant information designed to improve patient care.

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USA-Mexico Border Health

Contains a wealth of knowledge on the health projects, funding, issues, and supporting agencies in the federal government and each border state.

USP Dictionary Online

Search for USANs, International Nonproprietary Names (INN's), British Approved Names, Japanese Accepted Names, brand names, and more.

Access the username and password for USP Dictionary Here

USP Verified 

Manufacturers worldwide can volunteer their products to have them verified for quality, purity, and potency of dietary supplement and pharmaceutical ingredients. Going through this process can grant products an USP verified mark.

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USP-NF Online

Manufacturers can find clear, step by step guides for specification tests, procedures, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards, and acceptance criteria. Requires the creation of a personal Access Point account.

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Visual histology atlas

Browse through a free digital version of the classic Moran & Rowley Visual Histology Atlas.

Vocational and Career Collection

Provides full text coverage of more than 300 trade and industry related periodicals chosen with vocational and technical libraries in mind.

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Find useful health information, health management tools, and other health resources.


Helps first responders identify and learn specifics about hazardous substances while responding to a hazardous materials incident.

Weight-control Information Network (WIN)

Learn about weight control, obesity, physical activity, nutrition, and more with up to date science based information. Great for the public, media, health professionals, and anyone else interested in learning about weight control.

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West Nile Virus

Learn information about the West Nile Virus, including prevention, symptoms, statistics, and more.

What did my doctor say?

The Medical Library Association and the Working Group for Health Sciences Library Network (MAHSLIN) have created a helpful resource for learning medical terms.

WHO Medicines Documentation

Provides access to nearly 6,000 medicines related publications, many with technical content.

Disponible en Español Human Anatomy Study Aid

A fun and interactive way to learn about human anatomy and take quizzes. The basic version is free (leave access code field blank when registering). The premium version requires personal payment.

World Health Organization (WHO)

An agency of the United Nations striving to combat all types of diseases, support mothers and children, improve environmental health, and much more.

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WorldCat (the OCLC Online Union Catalog)

An expansive catalog of books, resources, and various literature from OCLC member libraries worldwide. Explore this vast collection of bibliographic records representing 400 languages.

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Strives to improve and expand scientific discovery through public and private partnerships.

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Allows the user to search through just the journals that TTUHSC subscribes to.

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